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updated 03/30/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/30/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

Moonlighting's Blue Moon Detective Agency has a paternity case on its hands. Since newly married Cybill Shepherd is two months pregnant with twins, an unmarried Maddie Hayes will soon have to find a daddy for her babies. As always, the show's writers have solved another mystery: Chilly Maddie and eager Addison (Bruce Willis) are headed for the bedroom, and as a result of their prime-time romp, Addison will be the proud papa of twins. Whether the couple can get along well enough to make it down the aisle remains unsolved.

Perhaps rockin' Rod Stewart, 42, could use some wise TV writers to unravel his complicated love life. Stewart, still in the process of being divorced from Alana, has for years been keeping company with supermodel Kelly Emberg, 26, who is now six months pregnant with his child. Nevertheless for the past six weeks the singer has been seen all over L.A. with another 20ish blonde. Says one club regular who has observed Stewart's attempts at discretion: "Entering places separately only works the first 50 times—then people catch on."

Why was Madonna announced as one of the presenters of the Academy Awards, then a few weeks later, un-announced? According to one of her associates, the singer backed out because she was annoyed that the Academy blabbed that she would appear before she had given them her answer. "After she read the announcement in the trades, she informed the Academy that she makes up her own mind and would not be present," he said. "Besides, she thinks it's a better idea to wait and go when she's nominated. It's no fun to go if you're not nominated."

We interrupt this column for a special bulletin: James Brooks's first film since 1983's Oscar-winning Terms of Endearment is an exposé of a national TV news organization, and the untitled movie, which is now being shot in Washington, D.C., is being kept as quiet as a pink slip. William Hurt will star. Jack Nicholson has a cameo as an elder statesman news giant à la Walter Cronkite.

The vehicle of choice for Barbra Streisand appears to be a stretch Winnebago. Babs and longtime boyfriend Richard Baskin drove the camper to the Grammy Awards, and after the ceremony the Malibu hillbillies split in their tan van for a week's vacation along the California coast. Whether they stayed at KOAs (Kamp Grounds of America) is still unknown. But then, who kares?

What Prince feared most has befallen him. Wendy and Lisa—the two wild women of Prince's Revolution who co-starred in Purple Rain—have left him to cut their own album.

Perry King and Loni Anderson will be locked in a made-for-TV embrace for the first time since last fall's highly rated TV movie, Stranded, when NBC's Easy Street airs April 7. King, fresh from I'll Take Manhattan, doesn't have a credit on the show and is donating his fee to charity. "Professionally this is not the kind of stuff I'm doing these days, but I wanted to do it for fun," he says. Fun, King says, is anything but being in Bora Bora, where Stranded was filmed. "The heat was unbearable, the bugs were bigger than we were and the bathrooms looked like those torture boxes in Bridge on the River Kwai." How bora boring.

All that glitters may not be the Duchess of Windsor's jewels, which will be auctioned off by Sotheby's in Geneva next week. Sotheby's hopes to haul in more than $7 million for the 306-lot collection. Historic worth aside, the rocks may not measure up to that price tag, at least according to one appraisal. Before they were consigned to the auction house, the jewels were shopped around L.A. One wealthy widow was offered what she believed was the bulk of the collection for $1 million. She, in turn, had some of the stones sized up by her personal appraiser. He reported that the pieces that he examined were not worth more than $500,000. The offer was knocked down to $800,000, but the woman turned it down. Sentiment does have its limits, you know.

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