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updated 04/13/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/13/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Here is a guaranteed all-you-would-care-to-know brief about the underwear Robert De Niro will wear in The Untouchables, due in June. When we last checked in on De Niro, he had gained 40 pounds in order to play mobster Al Ca-pone. He was also listening to tapes of Capone to pick up his inflections. But to truly get into a character one has to walk a mile in his moccasins—or step into his shorts. So De Niro went to Capone's underwear makers, A. Sulka & Co. in New York, for silk shorts just like the ones Al used to wear. According to vice-president Michel Kramer, the boxer shorts were of the following cut and design: "They are the French-back type. The yoke is button-front and there is an adjustable band in back." Kramer would not reveal the size, but he did offer a hint. "Remember," said Kramer of Capone, "they called him Big Al. Well, Big Bob also got silk pajamas and some shirts, as well as a maroon silk-brocade robe, monogrammed—just like Al's.

Stop! In the name of love? Well, you could say that. Diana Ross, 43, and her husband of one year, Arne Naess Jr., 49, the Norwegian shipping magnate, are awaiting the arrival of a supreme baby in October. The couple wed in October 1985 in a civil ceremony in New York City and took to it so well they remarried in a fairy-tale Swiss church four months later. Ross is the mother of Chudney, 11, Tracee, 14, and Rhonda, 16, from her six-year marriage to public relations exec Robert Silberstein. Naess is the father of three. Can a remake of Yours, Mine and Ours be far away?

More news on the baby boom: Former Miss America Vanessa Williams and husband-manager Ramon Hervey are expecting a child in late summer.

While NBC is refusing contraceptive advertising, its new series, Nothing in Common, is busy creating it. In an episode airing April 16, Todd Waring, who plays an advertising exec, will take on the delicate struggle of finding the right wording for a condom commercial. Says producer Marty Nadler: "The legal department was afraid we'd get carried away." Perhaps with good reason—one slogan that Waring comes up with is: "Dogs and condoms are man's best friends," with the accompanying jingle Wrap It Up for the One You Love.

In Children of a Lesser God, teacher William Hurt orally translates deaf student Marlee Matlin's sign language so that audiences can understand her. In Matlin's second film a different technique will be used: subtitles. This year's Best Actress will star opposite Ed (The Right Stuff) Harris in Walker, which starts shooting in Nicaragua later this month. Harris plays the American soldier of fortune William Walker, who went to Nicaragua in 1855 and declared himself President. Matlin will play his deaf girlfriend, Helen Martin. While Walker smoothes over Martin's caustic sign language with genteel translations, subtitles will reveal what she's really saying.

While the Disney people dust off Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for a 50th-year celebration in July, the true Snow White story would bring tears to Cinderella's eyes. Adriana Caselotti, 70, who was the voice of Ms. White in the film and on records, had to sneak into the world premiere with Harry Stockwell, who was the voice of Prince Charming. "Walt never invited us," she recalls. Nor did Caselotti's contract allow her to live as happily ever after as she might have. Her prince came, but not the checks. Despite the fact that the film saved the studio from bankruptcy and has earned more than $330 million, she received a mere $14,000. Mirror, mirror on the wall, sometimes life isn't fair at all.

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