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Michael J. Fox
I am old enough and short enough to be Michael J. Fox's mother, and I don't think he is cute (PEOPLE, April 20). I do think he is one of the most amazing talents to hit the small/ big screen in years. Every once in awhile a star falls out of the sky, and there is nothing anyone can do about it except sit back and watch it shine.
Ernestine V. Towne
Newport Beach, Calif.

Why you? Why not you, Michael J. Fox? You deserve all the attention you're getting. You get out of this world what you put in, and you sure are putting in some good stuff. After reading articles on both Fox and Charlie Sheen, one can only admire Fox's sincerity and laugh at Sheen's childlike arrogance. So relax, Michael, and put down those cigarettes so you'll be around to enjoy your success.
Todd J. Stein
New York City

The only thing Michael J. Fox should feel guilty about is the number of cigarettes he smokes. Not only is it a bad example for all his young fans, but it could cut short a life whose talents we hope to enjoy for many, many years to come.
Debbie Smith
Palmerton, Pa.

I am so disappointed! It seems that Michael J. Fox is interested in marrying only a Jewish girl. C'mon, Michael. Catholic girls go to delis and have birthday parties, too!
Gail M. Sausville
Schenectady, N.Y.

Michael—a word of advice from one short (Jewish) boy. You're definitely on the right track. Sunday mornings at the deli are the best part. Remember, Saturday is our Sabbath.
David Michael Petrou
Washington, D.C.

I think Michael J. Fox is the most outstanding actor of our time, but I cannot figure out why he is so sensitive about his height. I am 6' and still growing, but no matter how tall I get I will always look up to him.
Jason Kirknedoll
St. Charles, Mo.

Miles the beagle
Your article regarding the use of Miles the beagle as a test subject for Dr. Paul Segall's experiment was in fact very chilling. What inspired your writer to present this as a humorous event? What's so funny about an unfortunate animal being subjected to this type of operation? And why add to that barbaric act by placing the poor dog in a bucket of ice just for the photograph? We suggest as a follow-up you report on Dr. Segall's psychological profile.
D.M. Goran
R.E. Goran
Los Angeles

Your "Hero" heading for the beagle who was frozen to death after having his blood drained would have better been characterized as "Victim." One must question the ethics and morality of such cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation. I wonder how many helpless animals were killed before this one, lone beagle survived this abhorrent laboratory experiment. If our universities cannot inspire interspecies respect, we are indeed in deep trouble.
Bernard C. Shine
Encino, Calif.

Designing Women
Hurray! Designing Women is back! It's great to see four beautiful women have faith and pull together a very witty show. We need to see more classy and independent women on TV. This show has them.
Myra S. Gomez

I loved reading about the ladies behind those bawdy belles, but what I found even more interesting was the reference to Viewers for Quality Television, the media watchdog group that got Designing Women back and earlier, Cagney & Lacey. Do you have the address of this small but powerful organization?
Michael Smolinski
Grand Rapids, Mich.

For information, write: VQT, Box 195, Fairfax Station, Va. 22039

Wallace Terry
According to Wallace Terry, Oliver Stone "blew it" with Platoon. I don't think so. I feel Stone was telling his story and only his story. Each of the millions of soldiers sent to Vietnam has a story. So angry blacks, and you, Mr. Terry, should write your own screenplay.
Lynn Taylor
Humble, Texas

While watching the movie Platoon I felt as if I were looking through a window into the jungle rather than looking up at a movie screen. At the time I didn't notice that the lazy and cowardly characters Wallace Terry pointed out were black. The realness of the movie was much too overpowering. The color of a soldier's skin seemed trivial. It is unrealistic for one movie to be able to tell the whole story about the Vietnam War. A sequel to Platoon is in order. How can we get Wallace Terry to team up with Oliver Stone to write the story that includes blacks as they really were in Vietnam?
John L. Cerf, D.C.
Midland Park, N.J.

Picks & Pans
It is obvious that the reviewer of Mariah has never been inside a prison. Jeff Jarvis seems to feel that the show is unrealistic. It is actually an accurate representation of prison life today. There are classes in health and hygiene (yes, in makeup, too). Classes are given in small-engine repair, preparation for the general equivalency diploma and in some cases college courses as well. Women prisoners are concerned about their children. Men prisoners are dying of AIDS, often with a prison chaplain by their side. And how do you expect a deputy warden to dress? Should he wear black leather boots and the hood of the executioner? We don't chain people to the walls anymore. Perhaps Mr. Jarvis needs a course himself in reality. Mariah deserves an A. And ABC earns kudos for having the guts to show the system as it really is—the good, the bad and the ugly.
Name Withheld
Cottonwood, Calif.

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