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Donna Rice
You guys gave Donna Rice exactly what she wanted and what she set out to get—her picture on the cover of your magazine and every other tabloid across the country (PEOPLE, May 18). Gary Hart may have gotten what he deserved, but I doubt very much if Donna Rice was as naive as she has pretended to be. It just irks me to know that a man who could have done some good for this country had to bow out, while yet another useless blonde gets everything handed to her on a silver platter.
Pati Gabriel
Des Moines

Enough is enough! My only disappointment and disillusionment over the "Affairs of the Hart" is with the news media. I think that the only question that was not asked, and not of Mr. Hart but rather the American public, is "when is one's private life nobody's business but the individual's involved?" I, for one, do not care whether or not Mr. Hart strayed. I figure that question is between Mr. and Mrs. Hart to resolve. We have lost a good potential presidential candidate. Certainly we must have more important matters to focus our attention on.
L. Lea Hamacher
Irvine, Calif.

As proved by the former Democratic presidential candidate and his Phi Beta Kappa beauty, sometimes it's the people with the most brains who have the least common sense.
Andrea Watso

Mrs. Hart missed the chance of the century. She should have hauled off and hit the old womanizer upside the head, right in front of all the media. She could have written her own ticket and gotten everyone's vote.
Terry Midyett
Novato, Calif.

I have to admit that when the news first broke about Mr. Hart's alleged indiscretions, I felt sorry for him. I blamed the vicious media for fabricating outlandish accusations. However, after learning the facts, I must say I am grateful to Donna Rice. Without the scandal she caused, the American public may have voted into office an untrustworthy, despicable man.
Elisa Fontes
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Sean Penn
I hope that Sean Penn gets the book thrown at him. Maybe if you're rich and famous and go around decking innocent people, you're diagnosed as being a "slugoholic," but out here in New Jersey we just call them what they are—jerks.
Laura Courtney-Greene
Lincoln Park, N.J.

Sean Penn is a good actor who wants to be left alone. He may be a little rough in getting his point across, but why do people continue to harass him? Can't he be left alone to do what he does best? And Sean Penn certainly can act.
Susan Emhoff
Dennison, Ohio

Why would someone, other than his mother, want a picture of Sean Penn?
Louis G. DuTreil
Kenner, La.

Jim and Tammy Bakker
"Ridiculing all that is Christian?" Give me a break. The PTL has taken the Bible and used it not to spread the Word but to make money. Period. It is heartbreaking that, because of this "ministry," so many people now think faith in God is just a business. I truly believe that if Jesus were here today, he would "drive these money-changers from the temple" and not in a chauffeur-driven white Lincoln Continental.
Leah Real
Santa Barbara, Calif.

It is really sad to know that people like Jim and Tammy Bakker could con people into believing they were such good Christians. Just think of all the old people who are living on fixed incomes, such as my grandma, who also sent in money she couldn't afford. She believed in the Bakkers. It's a shame that people like my grandma sent in money so that Tammy could buy more makeup and maybe Jim could pay prostitutes. Shame on you, Jim and Tammy.
Caron Dulin
Beaumont, Texas

While I neither condone nor condemn Jim and Tammy Bakker's actions, there is a generous, loving side to Tammy Faye. Like the time she gave away her coat to an inmate at a women's prison, because the prisoner had never owned a coat before. Or the time Tammy received a letter from a distraught woman contemplating suicide after the death of her daughter. Tammy made a point of calling the woman personally and arranging counseling for her. You did your readers a grave disservice by talking with anonymous sources and hardly one person who had a good thing to say about the Bakkers.
Colleen Todd

Colleen Todd is the author of Christian Wives: Women Behind the Evangelists Reveal Their Faith in Modern Marriage. (Doubleday, $12.95)—ED.

Dr. Hubert Rosomoff
That was a very interesting article on Hubert Rosomoff. To me it seems ironic that you give kudos to an M.D. who is only stealing the chiropractic philosophy of "proper realignment of the body." We've been saying that since 1895, and not for $16,000 to $20,000 but probably for about½0 of that price, with more expertise—and despite the antagonism of most M.D.s.
Jo Eisman, D.C.
Long Beach, N.Y.

Ahhh—to be able to sit, stand, walk, reach, lift and touch my toes with ease again. Thank you PEOPLE for your story on Dr. Rosomoff and Miami's Comprehensive Pain and Rehabilitation Center. I am a former patient who swears by this medical breakthrough. Today I am a working nurse again. If only surgeons would open up their eyes and ears and pay attention to this new school of medicine and not their egos, maybe more people would be working again and not living in pain.
Debra Goldman Meyers
Boca Raton, Fla.

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