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originally published 06/08/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

NO MORE DUSTY TRAILS: Roy Rogers Jr., son of the dean of cowboys, says he hopes someday to restore his childhood bedroom at the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, Calif. The 46-year-old musician and building contractor remembers it well. According to the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Roy Jr. "would wake up in a bedroom decorated with Roy Rogers wallpaper, Roy Rogers carpet, Roy Rogers draperies, Roy Rogers beds, Roy Rogers lamps and Roy Rogers sheets. Once out of bed, little Roy would remove his Roy Rogers pajamas and get into his Roy Rogers underwear, Roy Rogers socks, Roy Rogers T-shirt, Roy Rogers pants, Roy Rogers slip tie, Roy Rogers hat, Roy Rogers wristwatch and Roy Rogers siren ring." Rogers admits, "I did have an identity problem when I was growing up, especially in school. I would cringe at roll call. The teacher would say my name, and the kids would go, 'You don't look like a horse.' " Asked about the condition of his father's famous companion, Rogers said, "Whatever you do, don't use the word 'stuffed.' Dad hates that. He prefers to say that Trigger is mounted." Whatever. But, how is he? "Fine," said Roy, Jr. "The saddle is waxed regularly, the silver ornaments are polished regularly, and Trigger is vacuumed regularly." Vacuumed?

MIAMI RICE: At an American Cancer Society benefit in Washington, D.C., Saundra Santiago, who plays feisty detective Gina Calabrese on Miami Vice, was asked if she recalled seeing Donna Rice—the actress-model linked to Gary Hart—on the set during the filming of the much-ballyhooed "Forgive Us Our Debts" episode of the show. "Donna Rice? I think she did a small extra role," replied Santiago. "She was just background. I think that's all her acting extends to. I think she really just comes on sets to meet people." In fact Rice's role apparently was so teensy that Santiago challenged, "I would like to see anyone spot her. I doubt if anyone could."

BLOND AMBITION: If Cybill Shepherd can make a comeback, so can '60s TV star Peggy Lipton, who played flaxen-haired flower child Julie Barnes on The Mod Squad. That, at least, is Lipton's reasoning. Separated for a year from Quincy Jones, Lipton has just hired an agent to stir up her career. "I haven't worked in 13 years," says Lipton, who has two children, age 13 and 11. "I didn't want to work while bringing up my family." The home front affords her time to watch Mod reruns, which her children find amusing. "My daughter couldn't get over my bell-bottoms. 'Mom, did you really wear those things?' she asked me." As for Lipton, "I'm a little older now—and wiser." Wiser to be sure. The agency also represents Isabella Rossellini and Bruce Willis.

THAT SINKING FEELING: She owns a pair of diamond earrings, orders Perrier from room service and doesn't leave home without a microphone in her hand. Other than that, Pia Zadora's 2-year-old daughter, Kady, is just like any other kid. Mom gives her no special treatment, except when it comes to the business of public rest-rooms. "With all the diseases, I'm scared to death because kids put their hands all over the seat," says Pia. "The first thing I do is throw her on the sink and pray that nobody comes in." This practice has its own risks. "Recently I walked into Chasen's in L.A., and Kady ran ahead saying, 'Hurry, Mommy, I have to go.' " Chasen's has an attendant in the ladies' room who momentarily stumped Pia until "I saw, thank God, that both the stalls were full. I threw her on the sink and said, 'Sorry, it's an emergency.' Every time I go in a bathroom, I go into a cold sweat worrying that someone is going to come in and see us." Or read about it somewhere.

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