Picks and Pans Review: Start Breathing

updated 06/15/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/15/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The McGuires

Let's hear it for the suburban guy. For years rock and folk music have glorified the working man and the extremes of rich and poor. Now here come the McGuires, a San Francisco-based quartet, with 12 tunes written by, for and about the kind of person who can find paradise on a one-acre plot. With a light mix of acoustic and electric guitars backing them up, the McGuires sing about one guy's failed attempt to seduce his hostess after a backyard barbecue and another guy's love for a law school graduate: "How I adore you/ My legal warrior/ I'd do anything for you/ Can't wait to court you." Funny, their name doesn't sound Jewish, but the McGuires have produced the first rock tribute to the Hebrew prophet Elijah. Considering the subject, it's a surprisingly, hip song, and it even contains a direct quote from the Passover seder: "Why is this night different from all other nights?" Alternating between self-mockery and sincerity, the McGuires dissect another unusual theme: the mild form of rebellion practiced by upper-middle-class kids. TV Party asserts one guy's rights to stay home instead of attending a TV-watching party. Russian Hill, the album's catchiest song, begs a preppy female to move out of the fancy Russian Hill section of San Francisco, an act of liberation that the song kiddingly equates with the freedom fighting of Martin Luther King Jr. and Desmond Tutu. No doubt a large group of people will relate to such topics. As may have occurred to the McGuires, these people also can afford to buy records. (Righteous Records, P.O. Box 6111, San Francisco, CA 94101)

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