updated 06/22/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/22/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Question: What does Tammy Faye Bakker have in common with a good ski slope? Answer: Two inches of face topped by three inches of powder. How about a hot-selling Tammy Faye T-shirt that reads "Cry now, pray later" or "P.T.L" for Paint the Lady? Are you game for Tammy Faye mousse foundation ($14.50) or lipsticks ($8)? Then there are Tammy Faye look-alike contests, songs and, of course, Tammy Faye makeup instructions.

Suddenly, Tammymania is everywhere. The former evangelist's hyperactive hucksterism, her teary piety and, most especially, her unusual cosmetic flair have proven too bizarre a mix for folks to take seriously. So they haven't. Fortunately, Tammy Faye, now 45, long ago stopped listening to what people say about her appearance. "I don't care," as she once put it, "as long as I'm not offending God."

And hey, it worked for her. Pending word from the deity and bolstered by the accumulating evidence that as Tammy goes so goes the nation, we present on the following pages a few people who might profit from the Tammy Faye makeover.

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