Picks and Pans Review: Everybody's a Critic

updated 08/31/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/31/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

On page 63, we tell you all about what's new this fall in TV (and other stuff). But here I want to talk about what's old, with my wish list for the returning series.... Miami Vice already promised to stop taking itself so seriously, to add a little humor, to just plain lighten up. Please do....Other shows should follow that fine example. Cagney & Lacey has battled every disease, trauma and social ill ever suffered on earth. They whine all the time. They're getting hard to take. I hope they get transferred to traffic school....St. Elsewhere, too, could stand a little laughing gas....I wish the canonized Cosby would give us sitcoms again instead of sermonettes....And I hope L.A. Law avoids the chronic self-importance that infected all the shows above....I wish the Designing Women would remember that they have microphones. They don't have to shout....Now that the Facts of Life girls are approaching retirement age, I hope we don't have to watch them move into the rest home together....I wish Max Headroom would return to his satiric roots and stop overexposing himself....I wish somebody would buy David Letterman a clock so he wouldn't have to keep asking "How we doin' on time?"...But enough curmudgeonly growling. I hope these shows don't change a bit: Newhart, Kate & Allie, Family Ties, Perfect Strangers, Garry Shandling....And I pray that Moonlighting manages to make at least a show a month this season....Now, on with this week's shows....

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