Picks and Pans Review: Tall, Dark and Handsome

updated 08/31/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/31/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Men. Men with glossy bare chests. Men with hips that swivel. Men sheathed in spandex pants. And men who take them off. These are the men of Chippendales, the male burlesque club for women only that opened in Los Angeles in 1979 and Manhattan in 1983 and filed for bankruptcy last January. (Both clubs are still in operation.) Performers like Gary, Doug, Kevin and Chris, who appear to have interchangeable bodies by Jack LaLanne, preen, prance, tear off their T-shirts and peel off their pants before a gallery of squealing women. Eeeeoooowwwww, ("Are you ready for anything tonight?" shouts the show's puny ringmaster. "Here's a man that wants to know ya. He's got a lot he wants to show ya.") Between pelvic thrusts, the men cavort in G-strings among the women, trading kisses for cash. This is a 69-minute production that clearly needs work. The dance routines are uninspired (that seduction number with the bentwood chair has got to go, fellas), the fantasy sequences are silly (a breathless Judy Landers, who all but bubbles over her sequined bodice, appears in one of them) and the script, written by Lindsay Taylor Banerjee, wife of the club's founder, is downright trashy. Filmed in tangerine tones at the West LA club, this exercise in narcissism is essentially a show of underwear and an embarrassing one at that. (Celebrity Home Entertainment, $39.95)

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