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updated 09/07/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/07/1987 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Putnam publishers did so well with last year's best-selling Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley that rival St. Martin's Press plans to release late next year Priscilla, Elvis and Me by Priscilla's former live-in love, model Michael Edwards. (They split in 1985 after seven years.) While Edwards' agent Al Lowman is touting the tell-all as a "psychic ménage à trois" (whatever that means), Edwards promises "a very beautiful story" with such memorable moments as the first time he and Priscilla made love. Reports Edwards, now 41: "I was carrying Priscilla into her bedroom and happened to glance to my left. There was an antique cabinet with leaded glass, and reflected in it was a pedestal down the hall that held Elvis' gold-framed sunglasses with the big "E" in the middle of them. It was very unsettling." Does Priscilla know the book is in the works? "She will soon," says Edwards, who sold his love story for $150,000.

Tina Turner is looking forward to packing away her black leather miniskirt and spiky heels in exchange for tweeds and Wellington boots. Halfway through a 12-month tour, Turner says that when the road show ends, she's moving somewhere in the quiet English countryside for at least one year. "I'm 48 and I want to rest for awhile," she told friends. Turner also wants to pursue a passion she has long put off: learning French.

Things didn't go smoothly when the young cast of CBS' new Vietnam War series Tour of Duty met with some real Vietnam vets to get their reaction to the show's pilot episode. "When I saw all you guys in your uniforms, that really soured my morning," one vet told Terence (St. Elsewhere) Knox, who plays a platoon sergeant. "All I could think of was that a bunch of guys driving BMWs, Mercedes and Jags were going to stuff their pockets over the corpses." Knox said of the meeting, "It didn't sour my morning to get the part, but it changed my whole way of thinking. I wouldn't in my wildest imagination equate what I'm doing with the stress the real guys went through."

Pushy stage mothers will get the tribute they deserve in John (Polyester) Waters' Hairspray, which spoofs those bossy types who tried to get their kids onto dance shows in the '60s. The feature stars the eclectic ensemble of Sonny Bono, Debbie Harry, Jerry Stiller, Pia Zadora and Divine.

Rose Kennedy's 16-room spread on scenic Ocean Drive in Palm Beach is undergoing a much-needed face-lift. It is rumored that the family is sprucing up the digs in order to sell the house, once the winter vacation spot of the Kennedy clan. Rose, who lives in Hyannis Port, Mass., hasn't used the house since suffering a stroke in 1984, and is reportedly being sent videotapes of the renovations. According to the Palm Beach Daily News, workmen who were rearranging furniture before sandblasting stumbled upon an unlocked safe in an upstairs room. When they opened it, they found a false tooth and some old cigar boxes. Anybody in the family missing those items?

He was a celebrated figure who said he wanted privacy and meant it. Invited to be on the cover of TIME magazine in 1959, Bill Wilson said, "No, thanks." As cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W., as he was known, felt that a personality profile was not in keeping with the spirit of the program he founded in 1935 with another alcoholic, Dr. Bob. Now, however, it looks as though Hollywood is going to give Wilson, who died in 1971, a cinematic toast. James Garner's production company has discussed making a feature film about Wilson, tentatively titled Bill W. And Garner has talked with James Woods, who starred with him in last season's acclaimed TV movie Promise, about playing the lead. Insiders say that Garner will probably take the role of Dr. Bob, who died in 1950.

Britain's Princess Anne has made just one request for her October visit to Nashville: to hear some good ole country music. Obliging her, organizers of the charity steeplechase in which she will be riding have booked superstars Ricky Skaggs and Lee Greenwood to perform. Start tuning up, boys!

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