Picks and Pans Review: You & Your Pregnancy

updated 12/07/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/07/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

It's hard to believe that there are many women out there who, finding themselves pregnant, know absolutely nothing about what's going to develop over the next nine months. But that seems to be the target group for this comprehensive guide to top-notch prenatal care. Forty-five minutes long, it covers such topics as the early symptoms of pregnancy, common physiological and emotional changes that may occur and nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. It also offers tips on finding the right health care provider and suggests questions to ask. There are also checklists, broken down by trimester, to help expectant couples prepare for the new arrival—1st Trimester: Check on insurance benefits; 2nd Trimester: Register for childbirth classes; 3rd Trimester: Call pediatricians for interviews. (Sorry, single moms, you apparently don't figure in this scenario.) There is much useful information, but the video ignores women who cannot afford private medical care, not to mention those who are not all that interested in fashionable maternity clothes. A reference to hospital clinic facilities—how to find the best one and determine the care provided, for instance-would have been helpful. The segment on makeup, which seems to have been included primarily to hawk another video by the same producers on the use of cosmetics, detracts from the tape's seriousness. There is also little substantial information provided about caesarean sections, which, according to recent statistics, account for about a fourth of all deliveries. Finally, there's this statement about the last stages of childbirth: "...after some effort on your part, the baby's head will appear." Sure fell as, just like after some effort on the part of all those Egyptian slaves, the pyramids appeared. (Telemation Productions, Inc., $19.95)

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