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updated 01/18/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/18/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

Hope and Oscar Glory: In Academy Award land Best Actress is the killer category this year, with only five nominations to be parceled out among this prestigious pack: Lillian Gish and Bette Davis (Whales of August), Meryl Streep (Ironweed), Maggie Smith (The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne), Holly Hunter (Broadcast News), Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction), Faye Dunaway (Barfly), Cher (Moonstruck), Barbra Streisand (Nuts) and Sarah Miles (Hope and Glory). Las Vegas handicapper Lenny Del Genio says, "It's going to be a filly horse race this year." Cher, for one, is keeping her hopes earthbound. "I've given up on award nominations," she says, adding that she may not even catch the show. "I started to watch last year, but found it boring." Not boring, however, is the speculation about Streisand's shot at the gold. Snipes an exec at a rival studio: "She's nuts if she thinks she'll get it. It hasn't gone unnoticed that she's being pushed for best actress and Richard Dreyfuss only for supporting actor." Sarah Miles isn't cleaning off her mantelpiece yet. "I won't get nominated because they won't remember me," she says. "I'm a born loser." The smart money says Hunter and Gish xcan get ready to take their seats as nominees come April, but less certain is the seating for Streep, Dunaway and Smith, now known collectively as the Barweeds for their intoxicating performances as hard drinkers. The Breathalyzer, please.

Plot predictions: Don't bother buying any china for Richard (David Selby) and Maggie (Susan Sullivan) on Falcon Crest. Come Jan. 22, just as they're ready to say "I do," Eric (John Callahan) will step forward to say "Don't." He'll whip out a will written by Maggie's late husband, Chase (Robert Foxworth), specifying that if Richard should marry Maggie his entire estate would go to nasty Angela (Jane Wyman). There goes the bride.

"My heart raced when his hand actually touched my leg." That's how Michael Jackson made her feel, says Tatiana, his dancing partner in Jackson's latest video, The Way You Make Me Feel. The storyline has Jackson chasing Tatiana (also known as Yvonne Thumbtzen) through an old car. Her heel gets caught in the upholstery, and Michael gives her a hand in getting unstuck. The gloved one's touch proved too much. "I fell flat and, as I got up, Michael was dusting off my butt. It was one of my favorite scenes," says Tatiana. So why doesn't the video end with a kiss? "Everyone asks that," she says. "But just because we don't kiss onscreen doesn't mean it doesn't happen later on. But I'd rather keep that personal," says Tatiana. So would we.

Department of Redundancy Department: Over the holidays, Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert were spotted ardently necking at Orso, a New York eatery popular with the showbiz set. Seems like their on-again-off-again engagement, or at least romance, is on again. A spokesman for the two nixed such talk, saying, "I don't expect them to ever be engaged again. They're friends for life."

Burt Reynolds is a morning kind of guy. When he got a hankering to catch Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun while vacationing in Florida, he rented a theater at North Miami Beach's Intracoastal Cinema VIII for a 10 a.m. showing. Tagging along for the early show were his constant companion Loni Anderson, Ann-Margret and her husband, Roger Smith, and country singer Jerry Reed and his wife. Per Burt's instructions, the lobby was cleared as his party swept in late. Hey! You rent the whole place, you don't wait in line.

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