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Margaux Hemingway
I get so tired of hearing about the poor, pitiful rich people who can't handle living in the real world (PEOPLE, Feb. 8). If they worked as hard as most normal people, they wouldn't have time for drinking, drugs or self-pity. It is hard for me to believe that someone can blow a million dollars and end up broke. Give me a break.
Kay Villasana
Bryan, Texas

Margaux Hemingway admitted having epilepsy, in a national magazine. There are so many of us, and so few who are self-confident enough to say it. Margaux, if you're ever in my area, please stop by my office.
Gloria Walsworth
Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

In your recent article, Margaux Hemingway said she is looking forward to some good character parts in films. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing Margaux in some good character parts. At a time when models made their living sporting the generic pout, I would see a photo of Margaux smiling and catch myself smiling back. Fine wine doesn't just get older, it gets better. Best of luck to Margaux.
Mary Bracht
Victoria, B.C.

Muriel Kraszewski & Wilda Tipton
Would you please extend my thanks, gratitude and praise to Muriel Kraszewski and Wilda Tipton? The battle they won for equal employment opportunity is another great step forward. I am a State Farm agent, and I was appointed in 1980, just as they began their fight. Talent, enthusiasm, energy and the desire to achieve goals are not personality traits exclusively embodied in white males. I do fully trust that State Farm will respect the outcome of this suit, and that all 50 states will see positive and fair hiring by them. My congratulations to these strong and determined women.
Gayle Ulewicz
Laurel, Md.

Steve Kerr
I am one of those Tucsonians who have followed Steve Kerr's career since I first heard his name. I grieved when I heard of the tragic death of his father, cried with him over the injury to his knee, and I melt whenever I see his face. I searched the article three times for the mention of a girlfriend nursing him back to health, and I didn't find a thing. So here goes: Steve, call me—I'm in the book.
Dyann Cruickshank
Tucson, Ariz.

John and Nellie Connally
In spite of John and Nellie Connally's "miserable experience," I can't feel too sorry for them. Gosh, if I had $30,000 worth of personal property, a ranch homestead and 200 acres of land, I'd consider myself rich.
Gail Eileen McNeeley
Prescott, Ariz.

Nellie Connally and her "Big Guy" are truly a class act. Their humility, dignity and sheer guts are an inspiration.
Kolene Taylor
Bath, Ohio

Sylvester Stallone
I read with disgust Sly Stallone's mother's assessment of his first wife in which she said, "Sasha was a zero, a grubby little nobody." Does she think that she is a "somebody"? Comments like that make me glad to be a nobody.
Joy Ulreich
Park Forest, Ill.

Jackie Stallone seems to forget that Sasha married Sly when money wasn't so plentiful and stardom wasn't assured. She's the mother of Jackie's two grandsons, one of whom is autistic. Sasha was there when Sly couldn't have even turned the head of Susan, Brigitte or Cornelia, much less dated or married one of them. Sasha probably has more character than all the Stallone crowd put together.
Marian Bonanno
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Anyone involved with Sylvester Stallone already has one strike against her—his mother, Jackie. She is every potential daughter-in-law's nightmare.
Debbie Hopkins
Battle Creek, Mich.

Hall of Fame
The fact that Paul McCartney and Diana Ross failed to show up at the Hall of Fame ceremony shows complete lack of respect for the groups that made them what they are today. They would be nothing if it hadn't been for the Beatles and the Supremes. Who cares if McCartney has legal problems with the Beatles? No one was asking him to get back together with them. This was a one-night celebration to receive an award of the highest honor. Believe me, I will never buy another record by either of them.
Barbara Ann Reinhardt
Downingtown, Pa.

Why didn't McCartney join the group onstage? It was bittersweet enough with John not being there. Business differences, after all these years? Get over it, Paul. Didn't you learn anything from John's life or death?
Julie Ann Miller
Burnsville, Minn.

Picks & Pans
I take exception to Jeff Jarvis' review of Jackie Mason on Broadway. I saw the show at Thanksgiving. How nice to be entertained without vulgarity, obscenities and four-letter words. The entire audience seemed to enjoy the show as much as my husband and I. How unfortunate that Mr. Jarvis does not have our sense of humor.
Verna M. Kurnava
Ashtabula, Ohio

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