updated 02/29/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/29/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: A sis is just a sis. When Joan Collins was asked if she was excited about Hollywood Husbands, a baffled Joan replied, "What's Hollywood Husbands?" Recovering quickly, she said, "Oh, my sister's novel," referring to sister Jackie's blockbuster sequel to Hollywood Wives. Husbands is being made into a TV miniseries, and Joan said of the prospect: "I'm excited about everything my sister does." She was then asked who she thinks should play the part of Silver, a Joan-like character in the novel. "I don't know because I haven't read it," she confessed. "I must read it. I must get around to it." Joan, of course, is busy these days writing her own novel, Prime Time, to be published this summer. Scribble, scribble.

MANTLE PEACE: Baseball legend Mickey Mantle, who has just opened a new Manhattan restaurant named after himself, blames hitters for the rise in major league beanballing. "Hitters bring it upon themselves," says the Mick. "Nowadays, somebody hits a home run and they stand at home plate, watch it go out and then walk around the bases. To me, that's showing up the pitcher. If I were a pitcher and some guy hit a home run off of me and tried to show me up, I'd also have the tendency to throw at him, his next time up." And how did slugger Mantle, who hit 536 homers during his 18-year career, avoid the wrath of pitchers? "I always ran around the bases with my head down, sort of embarrassed that I had hit a home run."

FUTILE ATTRACTION: After almost single-handedly making marital infidelity taboo in America with his Fatal Attraction for Glenn Close, Michael Douglas prefers to let the movie's message speak for itself. When asked whether people now bombard him with their personal fatal attraction histories, he says, "I hear about them; I mean I've seen The Oprah Winfrey Show. But people don't come up and tell me their stories. Thank God. A shrink, I'm not."

IDENTITY CRISIS: Terry Louise Fisher, who with Steven Bochco created L.A. Law and Hooperman, has settled out-of-court her $50 million breach-of-contract suit against Bochco and Twentieth Century Fox. At a Beverly Hills luncheon recently, she confessed that she never watched television as a child. She says she realized later that it was because there was no one on TV with whom she could identify. "The men were out there having all the fun," said Fisher, "and the women were in the kitchen baking cookies and maybe dispensing advice. Lucy was kind of spunky, but she had to hide it from Ricky." Last year, she said, she took a poll among women friends about whom they identified with on television when they were young. "My cousin finally came up with the most interesting and adventurous character on TV. It was Lassie—and he was in drag, anyway."

BABY MAKES FOUR: Although rocker Dave Stewart long ago ended his romance with fellow Eurythmic Annie Lennox, they've remained musical partners and good friends. Such good friends, in fact, that Lennox helped coach Stewart's wife, Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey, during the November birth of the couple's son, Samuel Joseph Hurricane. Siobhan told London's Daily Mirror that Dave was also in the hospital room, easing the baby's birth by playing the soothing sounds of Bob Marley on his boom box. She added, "Dave was in shock, he was so moved by the whole experience. The midwife let him cut the cord, and he's been having strange dreams ever since." And now that the baby's home, Fahey reports, "On the few nights I have been tempted to go out, Annie has baby-sat for us. She's going to be Sam's godmother when he's christened."

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