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originally published 03/21/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

JFK & the Mob
Of all of the fallen idols, John Kennedy hurts the most (PEOPLE, Feb. 29). The credibility of Judith Exner's confessions is validated by the fact that she is dying.
Jean Tomich
Osprey, Fla.

Add one more to the list of bimbos. If Judith Exner really wanted to free herself of her past, she should have gone to confession and asked the Lord to forgive her and not dump her guilt on us. President Kennedy has been dead for many years and has more than paid for his sins.
Sherrie A. Franklin
Hughesville, Md.

I had to write and tell you how tired I am of people putting their lives in order and telling the truth. Give me a break. If the truth were so damn important to Mrs. Exner, she would have come clean 25 years ago.
L.C. Schultz
Anaheim, Calif.

Your article on JFK and the Mob confirms something many of us have felt for a long time: Anyone who could accept JFK as a hero has to be 1) a moron, 2) a Democrat or, more likely, 3) both.
John T. McGeoghegan
Nevada City, Calif.

When John Kennedy was slinking around with mistresses and gangsters, Richard Nixon was writing love letters to his wife. Maybe we condemned the wrong guy.
Gretchen A. Schaeffer
Claremont, Calif.

Despite Judith Exner's allegations in "The Dark Side of Camelot," many Americans will always remember President Kennedy for inspiring us to become involved by trying to make positive contributions to the country. He always believed "One man can make a difference, and every man should try." I left a college teaching position to become involved as a VISTA volunteer on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. This is a decision I have never regretted.
James R. Ludwig
Kalispell, Mont.

The Innocents
I haven't been able to bring myself to read your article on the wounded children of Nicaragua. I want to, but for now I can't get past the pictures. Surely those in charge of fighting on both sides know what is happening to the innocent people caught in the middle. To think that they are able to disregard the carnage depicted in your pages is beyond belief. It's horrible enough that soldiers are dying in this senseless conflict, but what is happening to these children is inexcusable.
Molly George
Broken Arrow, Okla.

When my 6-year-old son saw the pictures, he asked, "Why?" How do you explain war and hatred? I did the very best I could until he asked, "Why do children have to hurt?" Do you know? Does anyone?
Wanda Farmer
Colonial Beach, Va.

Bravo, PEOPLE! Your story has opened a new set of eyes. This letter is from someone who never watches the news or pays any attention to what's going on in the world. My heart goes out to all of the children who are suffering because of a stupid war. If the United States can spend money on sending people to the moon, making firearms that we will probably never use and so many other foolish and unimportant things, why can't we help the children? After all, aren't the children our future? Let's hope President Reagan reads this story—it could make a difference.
Rosemarie Olszewski

I read PEOPLE to be entertained, not to have my heart wrenched out of my chest. I had to literally cut out the eight pages of horror and toss them in the trash in order to finish the rest of the magazine. Next my subscription will be tossed in the trash if this is what I am paying to read. Shape up!
Janice Schreiner
Nampa, Idaho

I used to believe our various military and government leaders who tell us that in order to stop the "growing tide of Communism" we need to send aid to the contras. After forcing myself to read your heartbreaking story, I no longer believe them. I am very ashamed that we as Americans are allowing our government to support such insanity. I would like to know more about the Jubilee Partners mentioned in the article. I am interested in a group which seems to be giving some real help to these people.
Stephanie Hicks
Dayton, Tenn.

Information requests and donations may be sent to: Jubilee Partners, Box 68, Comer, Ga. 30629.—ED.

Hugh Hefner & Carrie Leigh
The main difference between Carrie Leigh and her predecessors is that they had the brains to know how to exit gracefully from an already compromised situation. Some short advice, Hugh—next time take the sum total of the bunny's measurements, and if her IQ doesn't at least exceed the total, then keep on looking.
Cheryl P. Ward
Paducah, Ky.

Ann Sothern
Finally. I have waited a very long time for you to do a story on the multi-talented yet often underrated actress Ann Sothern. Besides being an inspiration to never give up, she is still Queen of the Bs: brave, brainy, benevolent and beautiful.
Aaron Merken
Worcester, Mass.

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