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originally published 03/28/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

Jimmy Swaggart
As a Christian feeling the effect of Jimmy Swaggart's fall from righteousness, I want to thank you for your respectful and sensitive handling of the article (PEOPLE, March 7). You had every right to ridicule and castigate, but you didn't. I guess his followers must see that Jimmy is a man like any other, prone to sin and failure. If God is saying anything through these scandalous affairs, it is "Take your eyes off men and look to Jesus."
Phyllis Giglio
North Brunswick, N.J.

To me, the message of remorse in Jimmy Swaggart's masterful weeping is not "I have sinned" but "I got caught."
W. Pierce Burgess
Franklin, N.H.

Jimmy Swaggart and the hierarchy of the Assemblies of God have proven to the world that the god they worship is the almighty dollar. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes on judgment day when they come before the Almighty God that the Jews, the Catholics, the homosexuals and I worship.
Nancy L. Galvach
Verona, Pa.

I could never find it in my heart to forgive a man who would take a prostitute to a motel room and only watch.
Richard A. Harmetz
San Diego

I have watched Jimmy Swaggart on TV for 10 years, and I've also been to one of his crusades. Never have I seen such a charismatic, dynamic, sexy and powerful man. So now we finally find out that he's human. He didn't actually commit adultery. I wish everyone would leave him alone. He can come visit me anytime, and I won't tell a soul.
Kathie Cranston
Emporia, Kans.

I can honestly say I'm thoroughly disgusted with the PTL, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and the rest of them. When will parishioners realize what pathetic hypocrites these televangelists are? While they're spending your millions, breaking God's commandments, turning religion into a joke, people continue to support and trust these so-called ministers to bring them closer to God. Keep your money, people. Go to a mountaintop, your backyard, a park, wherever, to talk to God. You can do it yourselves.
Daun Johnson
Sheboygan, Wis.

Reading about Jimmy Swaggart somehow gives me more respect for his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. Better an honest sinner than a sanctimonious one. I mean, whom would you rather buy a used car from?
Susan Pepperdine
Fairway, Kans.

Oscar Snubs
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can rationalize this year's Oscar nominations any way it wants to, but that doesn't change the facts. Steve Martin was robbed.
Suzanne E. Longhurst

The Academy can deny Steven Spielberg the Oscar year after year after year, but what they cannot deny is the wonder one feels when watching—no, experiencing—a Spielberg production. Yes, Spielberg's Oscar is there, in the hearts and imaginations of each and every one of his multitude of fans.
Christine Cleveland
Harwinton, Conn.

The Academy's not nominating Barbra Streisand for her outstanding performance in Nuts proves how little we should care about the Oscars.
Jonathan A. Yates
Bath, Maine

Freddie Gorman
Of all the famous people stories I have read in your magazine through the years, I enjoyed Freddie Gorman's story the most. His fame, from writing "Please Mr. Postman," however fleeting it may seem, did not leave him bitter, spoiled or clinging to the past. His down-to-earth practicality is refreshing and admirable. "I've had what many have dreamed of," he says. What a healthy attitude. I hope you do get back into the music business, Mr. Gorman, if that's what you want. Even if you don't, though, you have a fan for life.
Shelley Lewis
Fort Worth

Doug Williams
Your article on Doug Williams was top drawer, but you could have taken it one step further and put his picture on the cover. Not only does his football prowess and the example he sets in clean living put him in a class by himself, he will also be a role model to every youngster in this country—black and white.
Lyle W Eads
Arlington, Va.

I hate the Redskins. I am from Baltimore and all of us up here hate the 'Skins. But I am now a fan of one—Doug Williams. Doug, can I go to Disney World with you?
Joe Varra

Picks & Pans
After watching Side by Side, a wonderfully funny and heartwarming movie about people over 65, I was, to say the least, upset at Jeff Jarvis' review. To say that Danny Thomas, Sid Caesar and Milton Berle are "all washed up" is a travesty. I am in my early 30s and remember the great fun I had as a child watching these "old coots." I say hooray for the Golden Age of Television and those extremely funny and talented men.
Linda Garland Singletary
Oklahoma City

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