Picks and Pans Review: Get Rich Quick

updated 04/04/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/04/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Terry Lee Swarts, an actor, hosts this 60-minute tape for bonanza seekers. Lottery players know, for instance, that in any honest drawing, all numbers are equally likely to be chosen. But if you're destined to win a lottery and you don't want to share the booty, you're advised to pick numbers with 9 as the second digit or two-digit numbers higher than 31. Your competitors are more likely to choose low numbers or numbers suggested by a birthday or anniversary. The odds against pocketing a lotto jackpot are highest in Pennsylvania (one in 9.5 million) and lowest in Delaware (one in 300,000), but the payoffs are proportionately different. There are tips on how to enter out-of-state and out-of-nation lotteries (Canada and Australia pay even their biggest jackpots in lump sums). Bingo is best if you choose your own cards; look for those with such unpopular numbers as 13 in a corner to avoid sharing prizes. Your chances of winning sweepstakes by mail are greater after a postal hike, during summer holidays and when entering requires two steps—fewer people are likely to enter. Pay attention to directions; many entrants are eliminated for failing to follow them. The strategies seem useful, but too much time is wasted on repetition, congenial chitchat and interviews with "players," some of whom are too obviously actors to make this video a best bet. (Diva Communications, $19.95, 1-800-533-7657)

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