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updated 04/04/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/04/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Doubt the seriousness of the Barbra Streisand-Don Johnson romance? Barbra will sing backup on Don's next album for Epic, due late this year. Babs doing backup? "Yes, backup," says her publicist. It must be love.

That pregnant teenager Molly Ringwald played in For Keeps marries her boyfriend, has the baby, goes to college and lives happily ever after. Officials of the Illinois state-sponsored Parents Too Soon program, which wants to reduce the number of teen pregnancies, didn't think it sounded realistic. The actress volunteered to make a 30-second public service radio spot to offset the film's message. Ringwald, who did it for free in her own words, is now heard on Illinois stations saying, in part, "Teen pregnancies lead to school dropouts and health risks for mother and child; it leaves you very little time just to have fun. It's hard enough growing up, let alone with a baby that you are not prepared for."

When Olympic gold medal-winning ice skater Brian Boitano met Bronson Pinchot recently at a party at Chasen's, they didn't seem at all like Perfect Strangers. Boitano says he's often told that he looks like Pinchot. "Bronson told me there's been talk about having me appear in Perfect Strangers as his relative," says Boitano. "But Bronson said that only he gets the accent."

Heavyweight champ Joe Louis' only son, Joe Louis Barrow Jr., 40, has penned a book about his dad, due in August from McGraw-Hill. Joe Louis: 50 Years an American Hero includes quotes from presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, whose middle name, Louis, is in honor of the fighter. Barrow Jr., who runs a marketing consulting business in Denver, said his father, who died in 1981, forbade him to follow in his footsteps. "He said if I ever did, he had one good right and he'd use it on me."

Uh-oh! Mary Beth may be cheating on Harvey. In this season's final episode of Cagney & Lacey, Tyne Daly's Mary Beth Lacey gets passionate with Robert (Falcon Crest) Foxworth, who plays a government witness she's guarding.

More end-of-season news: Cheers's producers had a cliff-hanger planned called "Swear to God." Ted Dan-son's sexually hyperactive Sam learned that one of his many girlfriends had tested positive for AIDS. While waiting for his own test results, which would be revealed in September, Sam was supposed to swear to God that he would change his Lotharian ways. But, due to the writers' strike, the producers wrapped up the season without filming the last episode, so Sam was saved the soul-searching.

Heartbeat beat: It's going to be a traditional wedding for actress Jamie (Less Than Zero) Gertz and her steady beau, Tony Ressler, a Long Islander who's an investment banker at Drexel Burnham Lambert's L.A. office. They just had an engagement party and plan a fall wedding.

Sen. Ted Kennedy, speaking to the Hollywood Women's Political Committee last month, really had the crowd going when he announced he was seeking higher elective office. "I've changed my mind and decided to run for President," said Ted, "of Panama."

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