Oscar's Hall of Shame

updated 04/11/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/11/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Richard Burton, Al Pacino, James Dean, Fred Astaire, Gloria Swanson and Michael Douglas' dad, Kirk, have never won a competitive performance Oscar. Heck, Al Jolson, Marilyn Monroe, Edward G. Robinson, Jean Harlow and W.C. Fields were never even nominated! Even the certified legends below ended up losers. Oscar, you blew it.

Greta Garbo: She wanted to be alone, so Oscar ignored her and Camille.

Peter Sellers: Even his three roles in Dr. Strangelove couldn't cop the prize.

E.T.: The alien went home empty-handed; ditto his creator, Steven Spielberg.

Judy Garland: Oscar shunned her Star Is Born glow; also her co-star, James Mason.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Academy deserves the bird for slighting the suspense master.

Cary Grant: Oscar shut his eyes to the stylish charm and comic skill of this incomparably romantic actor.

Lillian Gish: From silents to The Whales of August, a great career unjustly spurned.

John Barry more: Oscar shunned him but awarded sister Ethel and brother Lionel.

Peter O'Toole: Seven nominations, the first for Lawrence of Arabia—no win yet.

Montgomery Clift: Still influencing actors, he never found his place in the Oscar sun.

Orson Welles: Rejecting this genius and his masterpiece marked a new Oscar low.

Barbara Stanwyck: A ball of acting fire criminally neglected by the Academy.

Marlene Dietrich: Her smoky glamour never hid her sharp wit. Did the Academy notice? Ha!

Charles Chaplin: No prize for the priceless Little Tramp. All together now, let's give Oscar a hearty Boooooooo.

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