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updated 05/02/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/02/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Tongues started wagging at the Santa Monica bodybuilding gym when the father of flex, Sylvester Stallone, came crawling back to his pre-Cornelia Guest squeeze, Alana Hamilton Stewart. Stallone, who'd been dating Cornelia and others, tracked Alana down two weeks ago near the barbells and talked to her for 45 minutes as bodies were being built all around them. Days later, the reconciliation between the stretched Stewart and the overtoned Stallone was toasted with champagne by Elton John at a private party John hosted at L'Orangerie.

The harrowing performance Sharon Gless gave as an alcoholic in Cagney & Lacey's two-part season closer last year seems sadly to have gotten some of its verisimilitude from life. The two-time Emmy winner checked into the Hazelden Foundation's drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation center in Center City, Minn., two weeks ago. Her publicist confined comment to reading a statement by Gless: "Everything from my personal life to my metaphysical beliefs have been speculated on and made cheap. I continue to maintain the position I've held for some time—I'll not comment on my personal life for the press. Everything about my personal life that has been supplied without my permission or without my confirmation is therefore speculation or total fabrication. I plan to continue to do my work and to let that speak for me and to supply comment and interviews on that work and that work alone." A C&L spokesman said it would be inappropriate to comment. CBS has yet to renew the show.

The clock may have struck 15 minutes for Fawn Hall. According to reports, while Fawn was at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Washington, D.C., she asked to meet the Boss. Request denied. Springsteen, a political liberal, sent word out: "I didn't think much of Ollie North, so why should I want to meet his secretary?" Her agent says, "Fawn was surprised. She thinks you can disagree with people and still communicate. That's what makes America great." More Boss bulletins: Anyone who wants a closer look at Mrs. Springsteen should check out Island Pictures' Sweet Lies this summer. Julianne Phillips plays an American trapeze artist in Paris, who catapults herself into a love triangle with Joanna (Gorky Park) Pacula and Treat (Smooth Talk) Williams. Despite his schedule, Springsteen visited the Paris set last year. "He didn't come by to check out Julianne's love scenes with Treat," says director Nathalie Delon (ex-wife of actor Alain). "He came by to say hello. He was very discreet."

Casting News: Saturday Night Live's Phil Hartman and Nora Dunn are joining Charles Rocket (SNL class of '81) in Twentieth Century Fox's new comedy, How I Got into College. Hartman and Dunn play hustling SAT counselors, while Rocket plays a college admissions officer. The film's director, Savage Steve (One Crazy Summer) Holland, calls it Terms of Enrollment.

A recent editorial in Daily Variety scolded super literary agent Irving (Swifty) Lazar for throwing his annual Oscar party at Spago's—and stealing the glitterati away from the Motion Picture Academy's official gala, the Governors Ball. Enough already, snapped the paper, adding, "We don't think it's too much to ask that the celebs...give one night in the year to make it a grand occasion for Oscar—and not Swifty." Says Mr. Host-with-the-most-fancy-guests: "Variety's absolutely right. Everyone should stay at the Governors Ball—and suffer. If they want people at their party, they should give better parties."

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