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updated 05/09/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/09/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Forget about substance and issues in the presidential race. Let's talk appearances. Stan Campbell Place, the makeup artist who helped turn a peanut farmer into a President (he told Jimmy Carter to lose the red ties and use a moisturizer on his lips), has some advice for Gov. Michael Dukakis and Vice-President George Bush. Place gives the Duke a browbeating. "If the brows are too strong and overpowering, then you always feel that the man has a hard edge to him," he says. He's pleased with Bush's cosmetic improvements ("He's looking not quite so gray—peachier and warmer") but sizes up the Veep's sartorial style as just short of Pee-wee Herman's. "I think his suits are too small for him," says Place. "His sleeves are too short and the armholes are cut too high."

More on Dukakis: In Pelopi, the Greek village on the island of Lesbos, where the Duke's grandparents were born, the townsfolk are wearing Dukakis for President '88 buttons and say they expect him to fix their rotten roads if elected. The village president has also told his ample wife to go on a diet so she'll cut a more dashing figure when they visit Washington.

Naomi and Wynonna Judd, the Grammy-winning mother and daughter country music duo, have just signed to do their first TV special, to air on CBS in November. It will be an onstage-offstage look at the Judds starting with their May 21 Madison Square Garden concert, during which Randy Travis, George Strait and Alabama will share the bill. Naomi says that working with some of the "biggest hunks of country music really scatters my acorns."

Casting news: Now that James Garner has dropped out of Mismatch because of bypass heart surgery, Roy Scheider is stepping into the team coach's role in the Kirk Cameron comedy about, yes, college debating. Cameron's other co-stars: Jami (Less Than Zero) Gertz and Quinn Cummings. Quinn hasn't been seen on the big screen since The Goodbye Girl....

Dirty Dancing's Patrick Swayze, currently shooting Roadhouse, will follow that by playing a Chicago cop in Next of Kin for Lorimar. Right now, an encore for him in Dirty Dancing II looks further and further away....

Annie (Designing Women)Potts has been cast opposite John Candy in Who's Harry Crumb? a comedy about a detective....

And Peter Fonda, who consumed his share of drugs in Easy Rider, will be selling them in 13, his next movie. An all-around bad-die, he'll also pimp for Nastassia Kinski in the picture.

Kelly Sahnger, secretary and good friend to Brigitte Nielsen, has announced that she is three months pregnant. In Rome last month, where Brigitte cooed with fiancé Mark Gastineau, the unmarried Kelly wouldn't name the father.

Denzel (Cry Freedom) Washington will be checking out of St. Elsewhere prior to the show's final episode on May 25. Denzel, who is filming Finding Maubee in Jamaica, couldn't do the last episode. Instead, in the May 18 episode, Alfre Woodard, his love interest a couple of seasons back, whisks him away for good.

Boy, do they love Lucy in India. Ever since I Love Lucy reruns hit New Delhi in 1980, one of the most popular names for girl babies there has been Lucy. This blessed phenom came to light during the writers' strike when Brian Walton, chief negotiator for the Writers' Guild of America, began using it as an argument for hanging tough with producers over a better deal on foreign residuals. But Lucille Ball, who has a reputation as a tough negotiator herself, just waxes sentimental about her subcontinental namesakes. "I had this pleasure after Lucy first went on the air here in America," she says. "It's one of the loveliest compliments a person can receive."

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