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Growing Up Royal
As hard as she tries, Princess Diana will never be able to give her sons anything near an "ordinary" upbringing (PEOPLE, April 25). Security guards, palaces and a grandmother who is Queen have already set William and Harry apart from all other little boys. Diana is now faced with the monumental task of raising thoughtful, unspoiled children in an environment of pomp and circumstance. Having a husband who rarely spends time with his young sons anymore certainly doesn't help, either.
Joanna Dreifus
Short Hills, N.J.

I can sum up my opinion on your Growing Up Royal article in three words: "Who really cares?"
Debbie Mall Kehoe
Westchester, Pa.

Lyn Hemmerdinger
Having just been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it is comforting to read that people such as Lyn Hemmerdinger do eventually get back on track. The vision problems, headaches, depression and phobias I experience every day have taken a toll on my once carefree life-style. Keep up the good health, Lyn, and let's hope and pray the doctors find a cure soon.
Nancy Stapleton
Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Mary Vincent
Larry Singleton raped a 15-year-old girl, chopped off her arms with an ax, left her to bleed to death and now he's suing her? Eight years in jail is not enough. Where's justice?
Judith B. Burkhardt
Wall Township, N.J.

I am a middle-aged woman, not prone to violence. I have always believed in "live and let live." However, if Larry Singleton ever shows up in my town, I'll be at the front of the lynch line. That man should be put away for good—preferably six feet under.
Lin Bradford
Raymond, Wash.

My heart goes out to young Mary Vincent. I hope, as the years go by, she can put this terrible crime behind her and build a better life for herself and her son. Larry Singleton says, "If that is the American way, I'm living in the wrong country." You certainly are, Mr. Singleton, you're not welcome here.
Cynthia A. West
Columbus, Nebr.

Thank you for the informative and touching story on maimed victim Mary Vincent. Please give your readers the name of a fund to which we can contribute. Many of us would like to help out with financial support.
Brian Clark
New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Contributions can be sent to: The Mary Vincent Fund, c/o Edwards, Chambers and Hoffman, 17541 17th Street, Tustin, Calif. 92680

John Zaccaro Jr.
Who is Geraldine Ferraro trying to kid by saying her son was "set up" by the police? Fifteen bags of cocaine measured and marked sounds like drug dealing to me. I think that he is a spoiled little rich kid who got caught being a naughty boy. Congratulations to the "overzealous" cops who were trying to make a name for themselves by busting Ferraro's son.
Linda Lee Zavodny
Newport, R.I.

Michael McConaghey
As I read the article about the "party monsters" at Michael McConaghey's home, it brought back terrible memories about a party I gave without my parents' permission. What started out as a party for six people ("Mom and Dad would never find out") escalated into a free-for-all of 60 local teenagers. My parents' belongings were destroyed as I tearfully tried to control a situation too overwhelming for a 15-year-old. Thank God I had the good sense to call the police, despite my fears of being called a nerd at school. Children need to be taught that things can get out of hand even for the most responsible of teenagers. I am proof, and I will never stop feeling remorse for letting those "monsters" invade my parents' home. Hey, Mom and Dad, I am sorry, even 13 years later.
Kim Slater
New Milford, Conn.

John Taylor
Congratulations to PEOPLE for writing about someone who really deserves recognition—John Taylor. As a mother of a 7-month-old boy with Down syndrome, not a day goes by that I don't worry about whether he'll be able to find self-respect, self-worth and happiness. It was good to read that John has been given the chance to shine.
Debbie Sparacino
San Jose, Calif.

Tony Aliengena
The thought of 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds flying airplanes with instructors sitting next to them thrills me about as much as kids the same age driving cars with instructors sitting next to them. It's against the law in a car and should be against the law in an airplane.
Sylvia H. Sauvageau
Orrington, Maine

Joe Pistone
Joe Pistone has accomplished what most FBI agents only dream of—making a difference. Much of our work is tedious, routine and thankless, with "meaty" assignments being the exception rather than the rule. When someone like Pistone does an outstanding job under incredibly precarious circumstances, it makes all of us proud and, perhaps, work a little harder. He and his family deserve our thanks and admiration.
Helen L. Schumacher
Washington, D.C.

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