All Hollywood (minus Sister Joan) Cheers the New Jackie Collins Chart-Topper, Rock Star

updated 05/16/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/16/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

After just two weeks in the bookstores, Jackie Collins' Rock Star was already No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list last week when more than 300 close personal friends gathered at Tramp L.A. to quaff Perrier and air-kiss the novelist's preternaturally taut cheeks. Never mind that the guests seemed outnumbered by the media, or that, at one point, entrepreneurial bartenders began charging celebrants $7.50 for a lowball of Jack Daniel's; Hollywood was paying homage to the highest concept of all: success.

Collins was among the first to arrive, radiant in white silk with leopard appliqué. She stood under the beribboned pink-and-silver balloons in the exclusive disco co-owned by her husband, Oscar Lerman, while around her blossomed a crowd of paparazzi and well-wishers. Sister Joan, 54, was not among them; she was reported to be in London, hard at work on her own novel. But that didn't seem to dampen Jackie's high spirits. "Rock Star is going to be a movie. It was announced in the trades today," she said, beaming. "I'd like to see Sting star, and maybe Whitney Houston, who has already said she wants to do it."

Roddy McDowall, Suzanne Somers, Shirlee Fonda, Alexander Godunov, Angie Dickinson and Candy and Aaron Spelling all came bearing kudos. Sen. William Cohen of Maine chatted up Tina Sinatra. "I'm a fan of Jackie Collins the human being," declared Michelle Phillips, ever fond of the species, who is working on a film based on her book, California Dreamin'. "And I love her books." But it was left to producer Allan Carr to proffer the most unlikely encomium. "We'll absolutely be reading Jackie's books 200 years from now," he said. "She's the Theodore Dreiser of the '70s and '80s."

The ranks of rock were represented by a slenderized version of Brian Wilson, the ever-elegant Quincy Jones, Gene Simmons of Kiss, and the Bangles, who appeared en masse. Little Richard, clad in a gold Lamé suit, was sweating furiously as he worked the room. "I wish Jackie would write a book about me," he said. "I'm ready!"

By 8:30, cocktail hour was winding down, and a massive cake was wheeled out from the kitchen. Collins cut a ceremonial slice, and the roundish Carr moved in for a fingerful of frosting. Exiting, Joan Rivers lobbed a plaudit that said it all. "I managed to see Jackie and wish her well and make three deals," she said. "That is what a great Hollywood party is all about."

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