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originally published 05/30/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Love in Bloom
PEOPLE has opened my eyes about many celebrities but never so much as this week (PEOPLE, May 9). Being beautiful is one thing but having a soul is obviously 100 percent more important. How could Diane Sawyer be without one? She leaves a man she's been seeing for l0 years to immediately marry another. I was kind of wishing she was from a different mold, but I guess not.
Peter Oslovich
San Jose, Calif.

Boy, was I surprised to see an old classmate of mine from high school in your magazine. He was an absolute hunk back then, and after seeing him beneath Carrie Leigh, my opinion still stands. Cory Margolis always had an aura about him. I had a crush on him, as did all the other girls, and I hope Carrie knows what a great catch she's got.
Nancy Joseph
East Wareham, Mass.

Mike Garritson
Mike Garritson is teaching his children how to run well, compete fairly and rely on themselves at an early age—all things they'll need later on in life. Where's the harm? He is certainly a better influence than a father/ parent who leaves his child's activities and values up to a day-care center or school system. Perhaps Garritson is the Father Knows Best of the '80s.
Laura Courtney-Green
Farmingdale, N.Y.

Terence Trent D'Arby
How lucky we are that Terence Trent D'Arby rarely talks to reporters. He is an arrogant, cocky, pompous fool. We're also fortunate he left the U.S. to infect London. They must be jumping with joy. He says it's difficult not to like him, but I didn't have a hard time at all.
Stephanie Mayfield
Columbus, Ohio

When I read the article on Terence Trent D'Arby, I couldn't believe my eyes. He is a popular singer, though I don't know why, and all he has to say turns out to be conceited, rude and offensive statements. I know struggling musicians waiting for a chance at stardom who have more talent and class then he could ever have. Mr. D'Arby should grow up.
Kathleen L. Jenkins
Gibsonia, Pa.

Pete Schaub
Hooray for Pete Schaub. It's good to read about a man who's not afraid to question some of the absurd pronouncements of these female chauvinists. Furthermore, any school that has a women's studies program ought to have a men's studies program also; that's only fair.
Robert Standly
Missoula, Mont.

Pete Schaub's behavior in the women's studies class was sexist because it was inappropriate. Would he ask a male history professor if he had failed to get into medical school? Even in a sixth-grade class, this boy would be sent to the principal.
Megan McLemore
New York City

Beth Schellin
I don't care what the circumstances are regarding a pregnancy—abortion is murder, no matter what palatable label you hang on it. I am a mother, and my heart is in my throat after looking at the faces of those two babies and thinking of what could have happened to them and what did happen to their brothers and sisters. I wonder what they are going to think when they become parents and realize the impact of what their parents did. What will they think of a society that so casually condones violence on the most helpless of victims? "Selective termination," indeed. Call it what it is, murder.
Jennifer Coleman
Parma, Ohio

LaToya Jackson
The public doesn't know what Joe Jackson is really like, but I think it was terribly insensitive of LaToya to publicly humiliate her father the way she did. She is trying to blame him for her lack of success in the music business, when the blame should be placed on her lack of musical talent. She seems to have forgotten that it was his dream that pulled the Jackson family from obscurity in Gary, Ind., to immeasurable fame and fortune.
Michael R. Oby
Washington, D.C.

All I want to know is, who is the Jackson family's plastic surgeon? If Michael is ever too sick to perform, LaToya would be the perfect stand-in. No one would ever know.
Gayle Leslie

No, people aren't necessarily racist if they had an unfavorable reaction to Eddie Murphy's remarks during the Oscar ceremony. His point is completely valid; the facts speak for themselves. However, some people may simply be tasteful enough to know that the Academy Awards is not a forum for Eddie Murphy, Vanessa Redgrave or Marlon Brando's personal opinions. If he wants to voice his opinion, why not demonstrate some savvy and write to the Academy, start a petition, spout off on a talk show, write an intelligent expository essay for publication or get his own TV show? And my opinion has nothing to do with racism.
Janice Hammar
Kansas City, Mo.

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