Picks and Pans Review: New on Video

updated 05/30/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/30/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>PICK OF THE WEEK: THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN Expect the lines for this one at video stores to match those that snaked around the local cineplex last Christmas. There is nasty, nifty fun as Danny DeVito tries to hustle Billy Crystal into bumping off his gargoyle of a mother, played by Oscar nominee Anne Ramsey. (Orion) P.S.—Purists may prefer to watch the 1951 Hitchcock classic, Strangers on a Train (Warner), which Momma parodies so potently. Good idea. A better one? Rent both for a weekend double feature.

TOO MUCH: NUTS Barbra Streisand huffs and puffs so exhaustingly as a hooker charged with killing a John that she may blow a fuse in your VCR. Strictly for those who must see Yentl go mental. (Warner)

TOO LITTLE: THE UNTOUCHABLES The big-screen dazzle of Prohibition-era Chicago fooled many into believing director Brian DePalma's movie was a masterwork. Hooey! Shrunk to video size, this shallow head basher shows its flaws plain. Oscar winner Sean Connery as an Irish cop can't compensate for Kevin Costner's cloddish Eliot Ness, a blank where the hero should be. (Paramount)

HIDDEN TREASURE: HOUSE OF GAMES David Mamet lavishes all the skill he never tapped in writing The Untouchables on this diabolically clever film about con artists. A long shot that really pays off. (HBO)

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