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updated 05/30/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/30/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Whoever that dame Raisa Gorbachev thinks she is, one thing she knows she Isn't is invited. When Nancy Reagan takes a trip to Leningrad during the superpower summit, the Kremlin's first lady will not be coming along. According to White House insiders, Nancy didn't like the way Raisa behaved during her White House tour last year and doesn't want to listen to Raisa's lectures while visiting the Hermitage Museum. Sources say Mrs. Reagan was offended that Mrs. Gorbachev neither sent condolences for her mother's death nor said she was sorry to hear about Nancy's cancer surgery. Mrs. Reagan isn't the only one to complain. Obie Shultz (Mrs. George) told a friend that Raisa failed to make conversation during a tour of D.C.'s monuments. The White House and the State Department aren't talking.

Patti D'Arbanville says she'll find it hard to play Cathy Smith, the woman who gave John Belushi his fatal dose of heroin and cocaine, in the movie version of Wired. Smith and D'Arbanville, who is best known as Don Johnson's ex-sweetheart, were friends and did drugs together in the 70s. "I guess my most vivid memory of us is riding in a Jeep down Sunset, laughing. And watching her cry. Cathy was very beautiful and had her heart broken a lot," says D'Arbanville, who has long since cleaned up her own act and hasn't seen Smith in 11 years. Smith was released in March after serving 15 months in prison.

Yes, Virginia, everyone in Hollywood is trying to sell a script. After she interviewed Tom Cruise last winter on the Toronto set of Cocktail, which opens July 29, Entertainment Tonight's Leeza Gibbons gave a script to the actor and asked him to read it at his leisure. Leeza says, "I don't want to comment on it."

L.A Law's Blair Underwood, 23, who plays associate Jonathan Rollins, graduated May 15 from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a B.F.A. He left school to act during his junior year, but C-MU gave him credits for his stint with L.A. Law, which it considered an internship, as well as for his senior paper, "The Business of Show," which explored whether a theater education prepares an actor for the realities of show business. Clearly, in his case, it did.

Brooke Shields will get a CBS TV movie for her birthday, May 31. That's when Brookie starts filming The Great Diamond Robbery with Howard (Head of the Class) Hessman and Ed (Hill Street Blues) Marinaro.

The Playboy Mansion is not a bad pad for a cat, but it's not really home anymore for Pug. That's Carrie Leigh's beloved Persian, who's being held hostage among the bunnies. Leigh has said she is dropping her $35 million palimony suit against Hugh Hefner, but, according to a Playboy spokesperson, Hef won't return Pug or Carrie's other belongings until her lawyer, Marvin Mitchelson, formally withdraws the suit.

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