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originally published 08/22/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Seven-Year Hitch
I just finished reading your cover story (PEOPLE, Aug. 1) on the seven-year hitch. It made me think back to the same period in my marriage—major house repairs, first baby just arrived, my return to work, day care and money worries and never enough time just for my husband and me. Tom and I wondered if we'd ever make it through that seventh year. We did, and this year I will celebrate a 15th anniversary with someone who is not only my husband and love, but also my best friend. We hope the Prince and Princess of Wales can work through everything and say the same on their 15th.
Kathy Brun
Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Richard Crafts
I wonder if juror Warren Maskell would have that smug smile on his face if he had to live with the Crafts children and watch them waiting for their mother to come home. Let's face it: Maskell doesn't care about the hard evidence that Richard Crafts murdered his wife, Helle. He just loves all the attention he's getting. What an injustice to the victims—the Crafts children.
Joyce Logan
Meadville, Pa.

Sage Volkman
As a junior high school teacher, I found that the sequel to Sage Volkman's story gave me "sunshiny" goosebumps. Too often students, as well as many adults, forget that they learned words like "compassion." I am constantly urging my students to write cards, thank-yous and words of praise when the spirit moves them. As Art Linkletter said, "Kids say the darndest things." And in this case, I'm glad they did.
Linda J. Doty
Penn Yan, N.Y.

Michael J. Fox
I'm really sorry you feel stars are public property. I am delighted that Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan had their private wedding. Like all wedding couples, they deserve to have that day exactly the way they want it, without the intrusion of nosy reporters and noisy helicopters. I bet Michael and Tracy would have provided the media with photographs if you all had agreed to respect their privacy. Shame on you and all those who support the attitude of ownership of celebrities.
Ruth Lawson
Alexandria, Va.

Doesn't a superstar such as Michael J. Fox realize that when he freezes out the media, he shuts out his fans? And aren't the fans the ones who watch the shows that make these people famous? I am getting sick of these spoiled people who claim they work so hard yet have no privacy. The public made Fox rich and famous, and the public deserves to celebrate his happiness with him—at least with one picture.
Mary McGuiness
Annapolis, Md.

Picks & Pans
Jeff Jarvis' review of Home with Sandy Hill and Robb Weller rates a failing grade with me. Everyone I talk to thinks it's a delightful show. It has an entertainment format and shouldn't be compared with other home repair shows.
Vi Petersen
Issaquah, Wash.

Congratulations to Jeff Jarvis for his witty and most accurate review of Home. In my area Home replaced The Wil Shriner Show. Sort of like replacing Pee-wee Herman with Mr. Rogers.
David Boxer
Charlotte, N.C.

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