Picks and Pans Review: College Success

updated 08/22/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/22/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Only those who learned to study in college by trial and error can fully appreciate this tape. In its 60 minutes, David Becker, who teaches seminars on study techniques, delivers priceless advice on time management, note taking, using textbooks and preparing for tests. Becker and co-writer Lisa Orta don't preach the joys of knowledge but tell collegians that to have fun, they must make the grade. Otherwise, Becker warns, "Even if you're at a party or football game, you can never totally escape the fact that you're not doing well." So, he advises: Read each course syllabus at the start of the semester; keep a schedule of tests, trips and project deadlines; plan study and social time; scan books before reading them; read early in the evening to avoid dozing off. There's a sample lecture—in child psychology—so students can test their note-taking techniques. His best tip: Reserve an hour per week to review notes. That should cut caffeine intake during finals. The tape is a great off-to-school gift, even if some over confident high-school honor students won't watch it right away. By Christmas break—after they see their first D's and C's—they'll have the old VCR humming. (Twin Tower, $39.95; 800-622-0067)

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