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updated 08/22/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/22/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Order that toaster. It looks like the on-again, scoff-again relationship of Mark Gastineau and Brigitte Nielsen may be heading toward marriage. Mark put in a rush request at the Long Island Diamond Exchange, a jewelry store in Garden City, on a $35,000 engagement ring for Sylvester Stallone's ex. The ring has a 3½-carat round diamond enclosed within a 9 made from smaller diamonds. A matching pinkie ring (minus the big center stone) is being made for Mark. Together, like the matching necklaces they already wear, the two rings make up "99," the number on his New York Jets uniform.

Order another toaster: Entertainment Tonight's Leeza Gibbons is engaged to Chris Quinten, a 10-year veteran of the British soap Coronation Street. Leeza and Chris met and fell in love during a 24-hour charity telethon in New Zealand in June, during which they had to share an on-air kiss. "Before I met Chris I swore off dating actors," says Gibbons. "But, if Chris was acting, he should win an Academy Award." The couple plan a November wedding in Europe.

Casting: Robert Wuhl, the actor-comic who played the pitching coach in Bull Durham and one of the deejays in Good Morning, Vietnam, will play a reporter in director Tim Burton's Batman. Michael (Beetlejuice) Keaton has the title role, and Jack Nicholson may be playing the Joker. Big Jack says he hasn't actually signed, but he flew to London to be fitted for costumes and prosthetic teeth for the role...And, in another movie straight from comic books, Arnold Schwarzenegger will star next as Sgt. Rock in an action movie to be directed by John (Die Hard) McTiernan.

At an NBC press conference in North Hollywood to discuss upcoming shows, reporters sharply queried Leonard Horn, chairman of the Miss America Pageant, about continuing the swimsuit competition. Horn maintained he wasn't all that keen about the bathing suit parade and said he's looking at less-revealing options. But Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, the reigning Miss America, defended the lineup. "Physical fitness is on every American's mind today," said Rafko. "And the swimsuits are a way of showing how physically fit the girls are."

Don't ask director Paul Mazursky what size dress he wears. "You're asking me all those questions you know we girls don't like to answer," pouts Mazursky. While directing Richard Dreyfuss in Universal's forthcoming Moon over Parador, Mazursky got ahead of schedule in Rio last winter and decided to shoot scenes of Dreyfuss's character's mother sooner than originally scheduled. Judith Malina, who was to play the part, was busy in Germany directing an opera then, so Mazursky, a former actor, did the role. He slipped into a "powerful" black dress, support hose and some triple-E high heels. "God, they killed me," says Mazursky, "but I liked the hose."

Even though the Center for Media and Public Affairs recently announced that Johnny Carson had made George Bush the butt of his jokes far more often than Michael Dukakis, Tonight Show head writer Ray Siller has been invited by Bush himself to the Republican convention in New Orleans this week and to contribute to his acceptance speech. Siller says, "Republicans can be stuffy about comedy." How stuffy are they? "When a Republican drops his pants, there's usually another pair of trousers underneath."

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