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originally published 10/17/1988 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Tyson & Givens
Your story about Mike Tyson reads like a tragedy (PEOPLE, Sept. 26). It appears this hulking man-child is destined for a prison cell, an early grave or both. Let's hope he doesn't drag Robin Givens along with him. Even she doesn't deserve that.
Mike Barnhill
Orlando, Fla.

It's a shame Mike Tyson and Robin Givens don't live in Connecticut. The new domestic violence law exempts no one, not even the heavyweight champion of the world.
Kathleen B. Gooley
Darien, Conn.

Robin, dump the bastard! Women everywhere unable to afford legal counsel have had to tolerate this type of infantile behavior for years. You don't. You're the best thing that ever happened to the jerk. Continue, and you'll need the shrink or the mortician.
Beverly Hussain

Ms. Tiny Miss
There are definitely winners and losers in this refined form of child abuse. The winners are the sponsors who reap the dollars from this travesty. The runners-up are the mothers who sacrifice their daughters' childhoods for their own vanity, vicariously basking in their daughters' successes. The only losers are the little girls, who are taught during their fragile, formative years to judge their self-worth by fleeting, superficial and ultimately damaging standards.
Kelly Reinboldt Craw
Harrisburg, Pa.

Too bad first prize for the pageant winner wasn't a new mother with a better perception of what childhood is all about.
Danielle Aliotti
Monterey, Calif.

Having once been a beauty contestant, I believe that if you want a pet who can win a ribbon, get a pedigreed cat or dog from a reliable breeder.
Toby Sue Shaw
Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Bob & Joan Parker
My husband of 38 years and I can certainly relate to Bob and Joan Parker's story. When our youngest of four children left the nest, my husband, Paul, moved to his third-floor apartment in our building. The first floor houses our business, and I live on the second floor. We, too, love our autonomy and intimacy, and besides that, I got his closet.
Leonore O'Malley
Natchez, Miss.

If your article about cult leader John-Roger is accurate, we Americans are like a herd of lost sheep. Sadly, we grasp blindly at the first "shepherd" who comes to lead us to greener pastures. If this man is truly a divine spirit with the ability to guide people to God, why do his disciples need to shell out $775 per ticket for the ride?
Kathleen E. Lotz
Quincy, Ill.

So many people have benefited from the common sense and guidance they have received from John-Roger that I wish your reporters had been more investigative and thorough. I have personally experienced John-Roger's integrity and guidance. There's far more good in this man than was misrepresented in PEOPLE.
Lois McEwen
Paradox, N.Y.

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