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originally published 10/31/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

The Boss & Patti Scialfa
Three cheers for Patti Scialfa (PEOPLE, Oct. 10)! Bruce now has a Jersey girl to call his own. His fans can finally forgive him for marrying what's-her-name.
Sandy Lynn Laidlaw
Saddle Brook, N.J.

Bruce in love with Patti? I doubt it. I think his main objective was to hurt and humiliate his wife. However, I do think that the two contemptible stinkers on your cover deserve each other. Julianne was much too good for him.
Linda A. Newman
New York City

So, to get on the cover of PEOPLE, all one has to do is barhop, hang out with the boys, act and dress like a tramp, possess no talent, and scheme and steal another woman's husband. Bruce left a classy lady for this bimbo?
Kay Adams
Washington, D.C.

It seems to me that Bruce and Patti's relationship was inevitable. They share the same background and interests. It's obvious how much they care about each other. What loyal Springsteen fan wouldn't want him to be with a woman who cares about him and makes him happy?
Sandy Capella
San Francisco

I would hardly call being "decked out in denim and cruising the streets of Asbury Park with music blaring" as being the archetypal Jersey girl. I don't know which is worse—having people associate New Jersey with the turnpike or thinking of it as a state filled with women who don't know how to dress, only how to drink beer and cruise.
Helen M. Hardy
Princeton, N.J.

Perhaps if Julianne Phillips hadn't been so wrapped up in her career, she would have noticed the storm clouds surrounding her marriage. One cannot have her cake and eat it too. Julianne, you've still got your beauty; you'll have half of Bruce's money and a film career to boot. Isn't that what you wanted all along?
Ann Robins
Walnut Creek, Calif.

All during Bruce and Patti's ride through the tunnel of love, Julianne has displayed the one thing they lack—class. Your loss, Bruce.
Elena De Haro
Mary Tomlinson
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Noreen Gosch
While I can understand the anguish the Gosch family is suffering over the disappearance of their son Johnny, I cannot understand why the proper authorities were not notified of the auction held in Houston at which boys between 10 and 14 were being sold to foreign buyers. Isn't it time the mothers in this country organize to stop sexual crimes against children the way they did against drunk drivers?
Sara Shealy
Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Gosches informed the FBI and Des Moines police of the detective's findings. John Rabin, director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington, D.C, says, "Officials have received reports of such alleged auctions and have turned over these leads to local investigators, but to this date none of the reports have been proved."—ED.

I'm all for dressing sexy for the right time and place, but to meet 50 sick children and their families in the dress Morgan Fairchild wore to the Starlight Foundation benefit was outrageous. Is she that dumb about dressing for the occasion?
Candice McDonald
Potomac, Md.

So why didn't Morgan Fairchild make those special kids' real dreams come true and just show up bare-ass naked, in lieu of merely falling out of her dress?
Margaret Paschal
Tampa, Fla.

Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor is crying discrimination because she was expected to dress and act in the same professional manner as her male counterparts? She should have stayed out of the game if she didn't want to play by the rules. What an embarrassment to professional women everywhere. Would someone please give the lady a copy of Dress for Success.
Debra Brenneman
Camp Hill, Pa.

Hooray for attorney Brenda Taylor! Dressing fashionably does not a bimbo make. I say get rid of the frumps. Thumbs up for those of us who dare to be individuals.
Diane Marie Hurst
Long Beach, Calif.

Ronald Biggs
Jeers to your lighthearted look at a crook. Ronald Biggs's shameless hawking of himself as a tourist attraction, author and "figure of international interest" is a horrible example for anyone, especially his children. I simply don't see an ounce of remorse in this braggart.
Ginger N. Huffman
Blacksburg, S.C.

Mark and Delia Owens
I really admire the Owenses' quest to protect the animals of Zambia. I'm sure it's a thankless job at times, but the children of the world will benefit from their efforts. How can we provide financial support—and especially a jar of Jif peanut butter?
Emily C. Kroeger
South Daytona, Fla.

Donations, and peanut butter, may be sent to: The Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, P.O. Box 1833, Thomasville, Ga. 31799.—ED.

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