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updated 10/31/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 10/31/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

Looks like Olympic diving gold medalist Greg Louganis is about to make his anticipated leap into film. In Los Angeles it's said Louganis will get a role with Olympian actor Marlon Brando in Jericho. The reclusive Brando himself wrote the thriller about a CIA agent who comes out of retirement for a murderous assignment. Brando will play the agent. Producer Elliott Kastner denies Louganis is slated for a part. Louganis' agent, Rick Hersh, however, confirms "discussions" have been taking place, though a decision has yet to be made. The movie, directed by Donald Cammell, goes into production in early January in Mexico.

Sean Young, who was cast in the movie version of Batman with Michael Keaton (he's Batman) and Jack Nicholson (he's Batman's archrival, the Joker), has gotten more pow! bang! than she bargained for. Waiting for filming to begin in London, she fell off her horse during a riding lesson and suffered a hairline fracture of the collarbone. She's off the film and is being replaced by Kim Basinger. Young, who was to play Batman's girl, has had her troubles these past months. When her former co-star James Woods found a disfigured doll on the steps of his Los Angeles home this past August, which appeared to be a threat against Woods and his fiancée, Los Angeles police questioned Young about the incident. No charges have been filed, and Young, who worked with Woods in The Boost, due to be released this December, was unavailable for comment.

A never-released record by the late country music legend Hank Williams Sr. has been discovered in an attic in Texas. And thanks to some sophisticated technology, when it's released in January the song will be a duet—with Hank Williams Jr. singing along with his father, who died on New Year's Day 1953 at age 29. The song, "A Tear in My Beer," was given in 1952 to Big Bill Lister, a onetime guitar player for Williams. Lister, it seems, had just gotten a recording contract of his own and asked Hank if he had any tunes he might use. Hank gave him "A Tear," which he had written just the night before and recorded on an acetate demo record. Lister used the song and forgot about the acetate. This year, cleaning house, he found the old record and passed it along to Hank Jr. The original acetate record will be displayed in Nashville's Hank Williams Museum.

Rudolf Nureyev has apartments in Paris and New York, but he recently paid about $3 million to buy three islands—complete with two villas and a dance studio housed in a stone tower—near Positano, Italy. Said the dancer's Italian theatrical agent, Luigi Pignotti, in II Messagero: "It will be his vacation home. But he's not home often. He travels the world like mad."

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