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updated 11/07/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/07/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

In London recently on vacation, Eddie Murphy became engaged—but not for long. The girl was singer Lorraine Pearson, 21, one-fifth of the British brother-and-sister group Five Star. Murphy fell for Pearson after seeing her in a Five Star video. After a five-day courtship, Murphy reportedly popped the question with a $50,000 heart-shaped diamond ring. The next day, after hearing that Murphy had been with Swedish cocktail waitress Maria Bayer the same evening he proposed, Pearson broke it off. Murphy, now returned to the States, said, "There was a crush but never an engagement." There was, however, a ring, and Pearson still has it. "I thought about sending it back," she told the London Sun. "But he wants me to keep it."

In U2's new feature concert movie, U2 Rattle and Hum, Bono has a duet with blues great B.B. King, but what's not in the documentary might have been sweeter still. Left on the cutting-room floor was the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, singing "Stand By Me" with Bono in Philly. Says the scene slasher, 26-year-old director Phil Joanou: "It's great, it's killer, and only about four people will ever see it. But it just didn't tell you anything about the band's direction."

Sink your teeth into this: George Hamilton, who drew laughs as a love-starved vampire in his 1979 film, Love at First Bite, has signed to star in a sequel, Second Bite. Richard Benjamin and Susan Saint James will co-star again.

The Duchess of York just can't win these days with the British press. By extending her Australian trip with Prince Andrew another two weeks to please him, she caught heavy flak on Fleet Street for leaving her infant daughter, Beatrice, back home in London. Press reports noted that by the time Fergie returns to Britain on Nov. 3, she will have been away from her daughter for half the baby's life. Fueling the criticism of Fergie as "selfish" and "irresponsible" is a recent speech given by Princess Di, stressing the importance of family life. Homebody Di pointed out that one in eight British children live in single-parent families. "For little Princess Bea," sniped one paper, "even one parent at home would be a luxury."

Lindsay (The Bionic Woman) Wagner and Lee (The Six Million Dollar Man) Majors are returning to television as—you guessed it—The Bionic Couple. Universal and NBC will reunite the pair in a two-hour pilot airing this winter. Wagner and Majors will be bionic grandparents of sorts. They will introduce a new cast and get out of the way. Richard Anderson, who appeared in both series as government boss Oscar Goldman, will return in the same role. Anderson is also producing the pilot. If the series gets the go-ahead, Wagner and Majors, though not "contractually committed," may return to the show from time to time, according to Anderson, "to see how their wards are doing." You can imagine how hard it is to kill off a bionic granny.

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