Homicide Star Clark Johnson's Honeymoon Album

updated 07/24/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/24/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Richard Belzer (Det. John Munch), with wife Harlee McBride, showed me how to take the plungeā€”at the hotel pool.

Just before the wedding, I was thinking how lucky I was. Then we found out the preacher was going to be late.

Heather and I jogged about five miles the day before the wedding (above). Later, I sat on the hotel deck with the guys (from my left): pal Pete Kowanko, Homicide costars Richard Belzer, Jon Polito, Andre Braugher, Kyle Secor and my uncle Duke Johnson, swapping old bachelor stories.

This wedding business was more fun than the kids expected. (At left, Michaela and Casandra flank Heather's niece Caitlyn; Heather's younger sister Leslie is at right.) The bonus was they got to miss a few days of school.

The water was cold, and Andre Braugher (Det. Frank Pembleton) belted out a Tarzan yell while his wife, Ami, gave their son Michael a dog-paddle lesson.

Is it Camelot? No, it's Jamaica with that Tudor England touch. Every view from the hotel was beautiful. I'd like to go back.

The women (from left, Casandra, Caitlyn, Leslie, Heather and maid of honor Karen Williams, an actress) looked like a bunch of wood nymphs as they walked to the oceanfront ceremony. It was like a walk through the Garden of Paradise.

Heather and I worked out to get rid of our jitters before the ceremony. Afterward, we were too busy celebrating and drinking rum punch.

The wedding was history, and we were about to go rafting. We were in honeymoon bliss. Two days after the ceremony and we're still friends!

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