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originally published 10/16/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

He used to eat five candy bars for breakfast, but that was before SINBAD discovered the kickboxer within. "I feel totally different now," says the 39-year-old actor/comedian, a paunchless 6'5" since he dropped 35 pounds in three months last spring. Slimbad's secret? "I don't believe in diets. I don't believe any diet ever works," he says. "I believe in changing your life." He transformed his with "common-sense nutrition" (no more candy bars), twice-a-day workouts packed with kickboxing, weights and serious stomach-crunching (2,200 a week), plus some positive thinking. "Prioritize," he advises. "If you have time to go to McDonald's, you have time to do whatever you want." Ultimately, he'd like to showcase his new brawn. "Everyone wants me to do the comedy thing," says Sinbad, whose next feature, First Kid, is just that. "But I always wanted to do action adventure. I want to be a guy like 007 who fights against the establishment. If they can make Bruce Willis believable as an action hero, I could do it, too."

Talk about foolproof diets. VALERIE HARPER'S husband, fitness expert Tony Cacciotti, not only "kicks me out of bed in the morning and says, 'Let's run,' " reports the actress, 56, he also loves cooking—vegetables. "If not for him," she says, "I'd probably weigh 1,000 pounds."

That old joke about a seafood diet ("You see food and eat it") hits a little too close to home for CHRISTINA FERRARE. "I'll eat anything," says the former model, 45. "Put it on a fork and it goes in my mouth." Tired of dead-end diets, Ferrare checked into California's Cal-a-Vie spa in July. She swapped fatty foods for grains and greens and is now nearing her target weight of 140 lbs. But the ex-SlimFast spokeswoman hasn't lost her head. "I believe in slow weight loss," she says. "A pound or a pound and a half a week is fine."

It's not that DREW CAREY enjoys looking like Ozzie Nelson crossed with a cement mixer. "I wish I could be one of them—the exercise nuts," says the star and cocreator of ABC's The Drew Carey Show. "I want to be buffed and toned and stretched out." A stocky 5'10" and 214 lbs., the ex-Marine has the know-how to slim down with the best of them—but not the can-do. "I have this exercise equipment that I hardly ever use," he says. "I have all the latest diet books that I've never read. I even have a rice cooker, but I've only cooked one batch since I bought it. What can I say? I like pizza." Still, Carey, 37, swears audiences will soon be seeing less of him. "Yep, by the end of the year I'll be slim and trim again," he says. "I could be pretty good with women, don't you think? I mean, I have my own show, money, fame." Hey, fiscal fitness counts for something.

Just because she dropped 30 pounds in a year doesn't mean KATHLEEN SULLIVAN has quit bingeing. "I eat a lot of vegetables," says the E! anchor, 42. "I mean tons. People say, 'You can't eat that,' and I say, 'Yeah, I can eat that.' " And this Weight Watchers spokeswoman confesses that the Colonel still casts a spell. "I see the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign," Sullivan admits, "and it brings back wonderful memories."

Home Improvement doesn't do much for muscle tone, so "I like to fence," says series star TARAN NOAH SMITH, 11 (left). TV sib ZACHARY TY BRYAN, 14, plays soccer and basketball with on-set trainers. "My hair gets in the way," complains Bryan, who nonetheless is aiming for the World Cup. " 'Can't' isn't in my dictionary," he says. Is "comb"?

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