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updated 10/30/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 10/30/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

Over all, Kim Basinger has every reason to visit a Malibu, Calif., market—she's eating for two. Her first child, with husband Alec Baldwin, is due to arrive next month.

To Wong Foo's Patrick Swayze (right) and his brother Don made a buss over their mom, Patsy, at the second annual L.A. Dance Awards, which honor the work of choreographers in feature films.

Birds of a feather flocked together with ER stars (from left) Anthony Edwards, Eriq LaSalle and George Clooney in L.A. at the City Live 4! benefit for the homeless. Back at work on their hit NBC series they told costar Noah Wyle about all the fun they had.

Singer Paula Abdul's new album may be called Head over Heels, but she was on terra firma at the Manhattan Center as she rehearsed a number for a benefit for City Kids, an urban arts program.

Waxy buildup? Not a problem when it takes the form of Claudia Schiffer, who managed to shoe in a visit to Paris's Musée Grévin, where, after a little self-examination, she embraced her otherness.

In a scene so good it seemed scripted, the past caught up to the present as Steven Spielberg's ex-wife Amy Irving (left) proceeded peaceably with his current wife, Kate Capshaw, at the L.A. airport.

The day after his daughter Sydney celebrated her 10th birthday back in California, O.J. Simpson (far left), on vacation in Panama City, Fla., got in an early-morning round of golf with friends and took a few pointers from his girlfriend, former Playboy model Paula Barbieri (far right).

Ellen DeGeneres's life was unraveling until domestic doyenne Martha Stewart helped her tie up loose ends during a guest appearance on the hit ABC sitcom Ellen, scheduled to air Nov. 15.

Wearing two hats—director and star—for her latest film project, a romantic comedy called The Mirror Has Two Faces, Barbra Streisand was single-mindedly focused while shooting in New York City's Central Park.

We're all connected: The L.A. opening of the comedic thriller Get Shorty, starring John Travolta, brought out (from left) his Look Who's Talking leading lady Kirstie Alley, his wife, Kelly Preston, and Rhea Perlman, wife of his Shorty costar Danny DeVito.

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