updated 11/13/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/13/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

"I gave everyone on the crew leather-bound flasks after the last episode," says NYPD Blue's Kim Delaney, who guest-starred last season as booze-addicted Det. Diane Russell. Her undercover cop, now sober, returns for full-time duty this fall and ends up under covers with costar Jimmy Smits. "Jimmy just shows up and he's sexy," says Delaney, 33, who played Smits's wife in the 1992 TV movie The Broken Chord. "He's a guy's guy who likes women." While Delaney had a monster following during her three years as sweet, selfless Jenny Gardner on All My Children, that barely compares to her attention-getting gig on Blue. "Even after the first episode aired last year," says Delaney, "everywhere I went, even in sweats at the supermarket, people pointed at me and said, 'NYPD Blue, right?' "

To prep for his role in The Great White Hype, an upcoming comedy set in the boxing world, actor Jeff Goldblum read Joyce Carol Oates's 1987 book On Boxing and studied up on follicular phenom Don King. But Goldblum, 43, who's now costar-ring in Powder, a film about a telekinetic teen, didn't need help on the physical aspects of the sport. "In 1964, when Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston and became the heavyweight champ," Goldblum recalls, "my friend Bobby and I put on gloves and said, 'Okay, we can hit each other in the face if we want.' He hit me, and I went home and looked in the mirror. My cheek was all swelled up and looked horrible." Did Goldblum treat his macho injury with a slab of raw steak? "Nah," he says. "I was 12. I may have used a little bit of brisket."

Steely-eyed Delroy Lindo may not be the baddest guy in Hollywood, but when it comes to playing them, he's one of the busiest. Lindo tries to strong-arm John Travolta as a small-time mobster in the hit comedy Get Shorty, rules the drug trade in Clockers, and squeezes Keanu Reeves as the gangland boss in Feeling Minnesota, due this winter. "I don't want to get typed as a gangster," says Lindo, 40ish. "I hope people who see these films see more than a nasty guy. My bad guys are three-dimensional. They have feelings." But for those who just can't see Lindo as a nice guy, he offers a vocabulary lesson. "Did you know that in Spanish the name Lindo means pretty or beautiful?" he asks. "And Delroy in French is 'of the king.' You are speaking to a pretty, beautiful king, so act accordingly."

"Gosh, it was the first wardrobe fitting I've ever enjoyed," says actress Elisabeth Shue of the Vivienne Westwood bustiers and skyscraper shoes she sports to play a prostitute in her new movie Leaving Las Vegas, opposite Nicolas Cage. "I kept all the clothes! The shoes were my favorite part." Shue, 32, heretofore known for playing down-to-earth types in such teenybopper hits as The Karate Kid and Cocktail, is also holding on to another outfit from a recent assignment: the floor-length bridesmaid's dress she wore at the Oct. 7 Montana wedding of her brother and Melrose Place star Andrew Shue and his former agent Jennifer Hageney. "All sisters have to be bridesmaids, of course," says Shue, who married director Davis Guggenheim last year. "But this is the first dress I think I might wear again."

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