updated 11/20/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/20/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

Days of Our Lives soap star Deidre Hall relives the surrogate birth of her first child, David, now 3 (son Tully, 10 months, also has the same biological mother, Robin B.), in the Dec. 10 ABC movie Deidre Hall's Story: After All. "We use actual birth video, so you'll see me lifting David from her body," says Hall, 48, who plays herself in the movie, which covers the 20 years Hall spent trying to get pregnant. "David knows it's a movie about when he was born, and he has seen pieces of the dailies, but because of the infertility and the sadness in that, he will not see the entire film." Though Hall and her husband, TV producer Steve Sohmer, will keep no secrets from their kids, Hall was startled recently when David suddenly asked about the day he was born. "I said, 'Okay, what do you want to know?' 'Well,' he said, 'What was I wearing?' 'Nothing,' I told him. He said, 'Mom! I was naked! Not even a diaper?' "

When Al Pacino, 55, was making Carlito's Way two years ago, he joked that the younger actors on the set were calling him Gramps. Now he plays one in Two Bits, a 1930s period piece opening Nov. 22 about a 12-year-old Jerry Barone) who learns to appreciate his grandpa's wisdom. "My own grandfather was a real force in my life," says Pacino, whose father left home when he was 2. "I'm here because of him. He and my mother and grandmother raised me. He died, though, before anything happened to me with this career. He never saw me be a success. This one is for him."

Pierce Brosnan, the sixth movie actor to play Agent 007 since Sean Connery donned the dinner jacket for Dr. No in 1962, finally corners the James Bond market in Goldeneye, which opens this Friday (Nov. 17). The Irish-born Brosnan was asked to play the master British spy in 1986 for The Living Daylights but had to withdraw when NBC revived his TV series Remington Steele. "I was very upset," says Brosnan, 42. "Then again, maybe I wasn't up to the role in '86. I felt intimidated by it. Now it feels right. There's a bit more age on the face and more scars on the heart and soul." Any big changes we should expect with his 007? "It's the same old James Bond. He meets women, sleeps with them and then takes them to Russia," says Brosnan. "But I don't drink martinis. I like my Jack Daniel's. On the rocks."

Sigourney Weaver moves indoors in the current thriller Copycat to play an agoraphobic criminal psychologist who helps homicide detective Holly Hunter trace a serial killer. They make an odd pair: Weaver is 5'11" and Hunter 5'2". "I was this tall at age 11. I always felt like such a freak," says Weaver, 46, who grew up in New York City. "I was terribly awkward, always bumping into things. When I got to high school, they immediately put me on the basketball team, and I was pathetic. I then moved to dance, which really helped me pull it together." Weaver says she's still sensitive about her stature, but that didn't keep her from referring to Hunter as the "wee inspector" in the movie. "I ad-libbed that line," says Weaver, "but I was never very conscious of us being different in height. I don't know about Holly. Maybe she thinks I'm a huge, hulking mountain."

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