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updated 12/25/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/25/1995 AT 01:00 AM EST

The 25 most intriguing people '95

50 PRINCESS DIANA, with spellbinding candor, tells the public of her domestic woes

52 CHRISTOPHER REEVE, injured but not defeated, finds a new role as inspirational spokesman

54 ELIZABETH HURLEY puts her career in high gear and her beau on a leash

56 COLIN POWELL decides not to run for the nation's highest office but remains a political force

58 NICOLE KIDMAN cruises into her own with two winning movie roles

60 O.J. SIMPSON goes free after 15 long months—and four short hours

62 MARCIA CLARK, a civil servant under public scrutiny, discovers the rewards—and the price—of celebrity

67 SUSAN SMITH eludes the death penalty for drowning her sons but finds punishment in the memory

68 JAY LENO, bounding from underdog to top dog, takes The Tonight Show on a ratings roll

71 C. DELORES TUCKER crusades against gangsta lyrics, giving record companies a bad rap

73 JANE AUSTEN becomes a hot Hollywood property 178 years after her death

76 SHANIA TWAIN sings her hard-luck heart out and watches her fortunes change in Nashville

78 BRAD PITT shows his range with Seven and proves his appeal is more than skin-deep

80 BABE satisfies the nation's appetite for family values and cries "wee wee wee" all the way to the bank

83 LOUIS FARRAKHAN, a controversial messenger, mobilizes black men with talk of spiritual renewal

87 TED TURNER cheers his winning Braves and hitches his wagon to Time Warner

88 HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH swim up the pop charts with infectious Southern rock

90 THE UNABOMBER strikes again, with a bomb and a 56-page manifesto

92 JENNIFER ANISTON makes Friends and influences hairstyles

96 JFK JR., unable to beat the press, joins them with George, his new political glossy

100 MONICA SELES, traumatized no more, comes back to tennis—and has a ball

102 R.L. STINE churns out two dozen bestsellers a year, giving young readers Goosebumps and bookstores thrills

105 SELENA, not silenced by death, takes Tejano music over the mainstream border

107 CAL RIPKEN JR. restores the glory to baseball by playing 2,131 consecutive games

108 BILL CLINTON makes some tough decisions and sees his approval ratings soar



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