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updated 03/25/1996 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/25/1996 AT 01:00 AM EST

>Robert Redford


IT'S NO NEWS FLASH TO SAY ROBERT Redford is a good-looking guy. Still, many filmgoers—and some Hollywood makeup pros—were struck by just how good Redford, 58, looks in his current Up Close and Personal. Compared to his weathered appearance in 1990's Havana and 1993's Indecent Proposal, he exudes a youthful glow, and his blond locks seem as thick and lustrous as ever. Says Matthew Boger, an L.A. hair colorist whose clients include Sharon Stone: "I saw the previews and thought, 'God, he looks 30 years old.' "

Are we talking surgery here? Special effects? Redford's publicist of 33 years, Lois Smith, denies her client has had any sort of facelift, eye job or chemical peel. "He's never, never, never had cosmetic surgery," she says.

What Redford does have are the services of Gary Liddiard. The hair-and-makeup man has worked with the actor since 1972's Jeremiah Johnson, but in Personal—a romance that hinges, to a great extent, on Redford's physical appeal—Liddiard was at the top of his game. He says his work was a "joint effort" with the lighting people and involved much attention to detail. "Bob takes a half hour before set call," Liddiard says. "I use a lot of products—foundation, shadows, highlights and lots of moisturizer. Bob has lacked a good moisturizer over the years."

Liddiard says Redford has "never" dyed his hair, and expert eyes back him up. With hair growth and touchups over the course of a film shoot, "you can tell if someone uses dye because there are continuity problems," Boger says. "It's darker in one scene and lighter in another." That, to him, didn't appear to happen in Personal.

To some who work with Redford, his evergreen allure comes from within. "Bob's a charismatic man," says Alex Proctor, who also did makeup on Personal. "That has a lot to do with it."

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