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As usual, correspondents were divided in their reactions to our cover story on Princess Diana's latest travails (PEOPLE, June 13). Some would defend her right to privacy and relief from prying paparazzi: others feel she has no one but herself to blame for her problems. Then there is a third group, ever vocal, whose position is, put baldly, "We don't care."

For the first time my heart really goes out to Diana! I dream of being in her shoes, but from the looks of things she would probably rather be in mine!
MACHELLE BOELMAN, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Diana struggling to find herself? Oh, please! Someone should inform the Princess of Wales that she should get a full-time job and raise her two sons without the help of a palace staff. That should fill the hours of her day and give her some "self-identity."

Let's see. Diana's "old" life with Charles represented social prestige, a plethora of perks, royal duties, emotional emptiness, feelings of being unloved, a dismal sex life and limited control over her children. Diana's so-called new life today represents diminished social status, fewer perks, joblessness, emotional emptiness, feelings of being unloved, a dismal love life and even more limited control over her children. Conclusion: You blew it, honey!

It is sad that Di's life seems unfocused. Even sadder may be the person who makes his living following such poor souls, hoping to capture some real or imagined "sin" on film. Saddest of all is the person who reads this junk without being offended. If you ever had any journalistic objectivity, you seem to have misplaced it in the same drawer where you slashed your taste and compassion.
JO COSNER, New York City

So, Princess Diana got after her son and that's evidence of her stressed-out state? As the mother of an 11-year-old boy myself, I can tell you beyond doubt that if my son ever look it upon himself to criticize my choice of reading material, I'd take his head off!
ELIZABETH PAGEL, Simi Valley, Calif.

Dian Parkinson worked on The Price Is Right for 18 years. Three years prior to her departure from the show, Bob Barker started sexually harassing her and threatening her job security? Sony, lady, your sordid fairytale doesn't wash. Anyone who has ever known Bob Barker will attest to the fact that he is an honorable, decent and gentle man who is totally incapable of what Parkinson has accused him of doing.
LAURA MILANESE, Newport Beach, Calif.

Anyone who watched The Price Is Right knows Dian Parkinson had the hots for Bob Barker. It was written all over her face, and her body language left nothing to the imagination.
MARY K. RIOPELLE, Schoolcraft, Mich.

Thank heaven for modern surgery and wonderful parents like the Cobles, who are so accepting and caring toward their child. Wouldn't it be great if all parents could accept their children's imperfections and be as loving as they are? My 37-year-old brother was also born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. With the surgical techniques of that time it took 18 operations during the first 18 years of his life to reach the point where Michael is nearly to now. My brother now has a wonderful wife and seven great children.
CARLA TWEDT, Logan, Utah

Thanks so much for the article on little Michael Coble. It's rare to have stories where a catastrophe has been overcome. It offers so much hope to the thousands of children who are born with cleft lips, cleft palates or other craniofacial birth defects. Trecia and Wayne Coble found Dr. Magee, a member of the American Cleft Palale-Craniofacial Association. To help those parents who are looking for surgeons to operate on their little ones with defects, our Cleft Palate Foundation runs the CLEFTLINE, 800-242-5338.
J.E. PAISLEY, Director of Communications, Pittsburgh

Compared with the usual exports Canada sends our way—sweaty guys with missing front teeth who chase pucks—Céline Dion is the most talented and prettiest in some time.

My deepest sympathy to the new Mrs. Pillsbury Doughboy. Why anyone in her right mind would even consider marrying that egotistical cad is beyond my comprehension. RT. Barnum was right—there is one born every minute.
JACKIE HARTMAN, Indian River, Mich.

Rush has finally found someone that he loves more than himself.
DON AMO, San Andres, Calif.

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