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updated 07/11/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/11/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT


It's going to be another year without an Emmy for Tim Allen. Last year the star of ABC's Home Improvement lost out to Ted Danson. This year Allen has no chance of being nominated—his personal staff didn't submit his name to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences by the May 11 deadline. (According to the Academy's rules, actors are responsible for submitting their own names for consideration for Emmy nominations.)

Needless lo say, Alien is not happy. His manager Richard Baker says that Allen "relies on support people Lo take care of these kinds of administrative chores. But this time, things just fell through the cracks." Ironically, the Emmys, which are set for September 11, will air on ABC, the network that carries Home Improvement.


We're not sure whether Shirley MacLaine is walking through northern Spain searching for her past lives, but she is very definitely walking through northern Spain, and has been doing so since the beginning of June. Her trek reportedly began on the French side of the Pyrenees in the company of two friends. Her rep confirms that MacLaine is traveling "on foot" on a trip "of a very personal nature." He also adds that MacLaine has had a "wonderful time meeting new people."

As for where she has been bunking while on the road, the rep will say only that MacLaine has been sleeping "wherever it is convenient."


Hard to believe, but even serious fans passed up the chance to buy a few items at a recent Las Vegas auction of Elvis Presley's belongings. Among the unwanted: a portrait of a lavender-jacketed Presley, a nondescript upholstered headboard and his 1960 Wizard powerboat (named Gladys, after his mother).

Why didn't these items find a home? According to Pamela Tapp, spokeswoman for Butterfield & Butterfield, the auctioneers who organized the sale, the portrait and the headboard probably went unsold because the portrait didn't hang in Grace-land and the headboard was not evocative of the King. And, says Tapp, the boat didn't move because "boats are just a hard sell. They take a lot of upkeep and are hard lo store."

Still, Elvis did just fine by B&B. His jumpsuit studded with faux turquoise stones went for $101,500. One of the King's plastic combs fetched $1,092.50. And Northern Exposure's John Corbett paid $68,500 for El vis's birth certificate and $41,400 for the singer's American Express card. All in all, the auction brought in a whopping $2,365,837.

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