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originally published 07/25/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

In the second week of our coverage of the O.J. Simpson story (PEOPLE, July 4), most correspondents continued to believe that Simpson is guilty and were outraged that so many people—police, friends and family among them—knew of the abuse inflicted on his late ex-wife, Nicole, but did nothing effective to stop it. Critics, though, accused us of bias. Said one: "Mr. Simpson has not been proven guilty in a court of law; rather by the out-of-control media."

"The O.J. Nobody Knew"? The L.A. police knew. The 911 operators knew. Hertz knew. Your cover should have read, "The O.J. We Chose Not to Talk About."
JOAN FERRIS, Fort Thomas, Ky.

So O.J. professed to love his wife—maybe too much! Why has he never screamed out for someone—anyone—to look for the "real" killer of the wife he says he loved so much? Having been a battered wife in an earlier marriage, I can say Mr. Simpson displays the typical pattern of a wife-beater, but if he didn't kill her, then he should be beside himself that no one is trying to find the person who did. Let's put the spotlight back where it belongs—on a lovely woman and mother and an innocent young man, not a man who has no idea what love and respect are about.
JO-ANXE ANDERSON, Littleton, Colo.

Give me a break! Because he was a famous athlete, O.J. Simpson received special treatment after he murdered two innocent people. I can't believe those fans who have sent him testimonials of support. Right now, O.J. Simpson deserves about as much support as Charles Manson.
FRAN HOPKINS, Garden City, N.Y.

What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? O.J. Simpson is not only a great athlete but a great human being whom you've tried and convicted by painting a totally one sided, negative picture. Wouldn't it make more sense to wait until we have all the facts before hanging him?
SUE MORRIS, Enterprise, Ala.

My deepest sympathy to O.J. Simpson. The man cannot have a fair trial with articles such as yours declaring that readers and stalwart fans "may soon have to rethink their position." I think you need to rethink your article and let justice take place.

I am in no way condoning what O.J. Simpson may or may not have done to his wife during domestic disputes, but as with Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson your magazine has him painted guilty before a jury can even hear his side. Why is it that when you're black and famous in this country, you're guilty until proven innocent? O.J. Simpson cover stories two weeks in a row—talk about sensationalism!

I may not know-the final result of the trial, but I do know the score. Simpson attorneys: millions. Simpson children: zero.
R. WILLIAM W'EISSER, Knoxville, Tenn.

At last! A glimmer of Hollywood conscience! The spokesman who said that speculation about the TV pilot Frogmen was "insensitive and inappropriate" wins the Emily Post award. With all the lurid "insider" reports, comments from "friends" and "business associates," it restores my faith to think that someone in Hollywood knows the value of saying nothing.

How many people have to die before this nation slops looking for scapegoats? Rock and roll doesn't kill people. Movies and TV don't kill people. Books and magazines don't kill people. And Seattle and the music profession didn't kill Kristen Pfaff. Drugs kill people, and drug use ultimately killed Kristen.
LYZAHILLYER, Noreross, Ga.

As a thirty something 90210 fan, I was particularly moved by your story of Gabrielle's real-life birth of her daughter, Kelsey Rose. I feel very frightened at times to bring a helpless baby into our crazy world, but Gabrielle inspired me with her optimism about Kelsey's potential to make a difference.
KATHY LAWLER, East Syracuse, N.Y.

In response to the letter by Brian Mickelson, who describes "the usual exports Canada sends our way" as "sweaty guys missing front teeth who chase pucks," I just thought I'd mention a few more exports such as Michael J. Fox, John Candy, Donald Sutherland, Raymond Burr, Meg Tilly, Rick Moranis, Dan Aykroyd, Leslie Nielsen and Pamela Anderson. Granted they're not all pretty, but they are all talented, and they have their front teeth!

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