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updated 08/29/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/29/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Reports of a breakup between John F. Kennedy Jr. and Daryl Hannah seem to be true. We first heard hints of this turn of events in July, when a source told us that during a trip to Los Angeles, the 33-year-old Kennedy began telling friends that his 5 ½-year relationship with the actress, who is also 33, was finally over.

Though Hannah's representative has since tried to squelch any talk of a breakup between the two, saying that Hannah "never discusses her private life in public," a source close to both Kennedy and Hannah assures us that the couple's split is real—at least for now.


So much for those reports that Walter Cronkite is going to beat out Oprah Winfrey and be the first American broadcaster to interview Princess Di. With Di recently vacationing in Martha's Vineyard and Cronkite summering there too, rumors became rampant that something was in the works. But Cronkite denies that any such interview will happen.

As for the Princess's having a heart-to-heart with Oprah anytime soon, don't count on that either. While a spokeswoman for Oprah admitted that the talk show host and Di did meet for lunch at Kensington Palace in April, it was for social, not business, reasons. According to the spokeswoman, "They did not discuss an interview, and they have not discussed an interview since."


Recently, radio shock-jock Howard Stern chose to end his much publicized campaign for governor of New York rather than disclose his personal finances. His money, said Stern, addressing the public at a press conference, "is none of your business."

Apparently he feels the same way about an undisclosed sum that we hear either he or his show ponied up earlier this year to settle a lawsuit by a disgruntled guest, Elisa Shumofsky. She appeared on Stern's radio show in a Dial-a-Date segment and was fixed up on a date with actor and stand-up comic Eric Douglas, a younger sibling of actor Michael Douglas. When Stern and Douglas discussed in later broadcasts whether Douglas and Shumofsky had slept together, Shumofsky sued Stern, his show and Douglas for $11 million, claiming defamation of character.

Douglas's lawyer claims that his client had done nothing wrong and says that, unlike Stern, Douglas won't settle with Shumofsky. Neither Stern's manager nor his lawyer returned our calls.

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