updated 08/29/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/29/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

To all those millions of husbands who stay home while their wives swoon through a Julio Iglesias concert: Gentlemen, be advised that you should by all means get in on his act. "I see my music as a stimulation to make love," says Iglesias, 50, who released his 69th album, Crazy, this spring. "When I see a couple in the audience married for 20 years and I know they are going back home to make love, I feel great. I put a match to something and cause them to go home and make love like crazy." But despite his Don Juan image, Julio doesn't seem to get the message of his own music: He jokingly confessed to a recent audience that he makes love only once a year. So that's how he has time to make so many records.

Keisha Nash, 18, the Ford model agency's newly elected Supermodel of America, freely admits that her talents are few. "It's not like I can play the piano with my toes or anything," she says. But when Nash was announced as the new Supermodel on the July 20 Maury Povich Show, she didn't waste time pondering her limitations. "I was blowing air kisses like an idiot," she says. "I looked like a major cheeseball." Now everyone in her hometown of Lynn, Mass., thinks she "is really connected. They also think that if you're on TV, whether it's an Alpo commercial or The Maury Povich Show, you have a million dollars." But there are some advantages to winning, in addition to the Ford modeling contract. "I drive my younger brother Jeffrey to the mall and tell him I'll buy him something if he barks like a dog. So he barks like a dog. Basically, since I won this, I can abuse my brother."

"This is the coolest family of guys I've ever met," says actress Kelly Lynch, 34, no slouch when it comes to cool herself, on the Brothers Baldwin—Billy and Alec. Lynch starred with Billy in last year's off-kilter romance Three of Hearts and is currently in New Orleans with Alec, playing his wife in the thriller Heaven's Prisoners. "Billy and Alec like smart women who are doing things," says Lynch. "It's not a threat to them. Alec really respects women. It's not like you have to play down your intelligence and be somebody else. I keep saying to Alec, 'I want to meet your mother.' The way men relate to women has everything to do with their relationships with their mothers."

"I had innate tango ability at birth," she says, then adds hastily, "just kidding." In fact, actress Tia Carrere, 27, practiced Argentina's national dance for weeks before perform-g her seductive version with Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies. Still, "it's one of the dances you never fully get," she says. "I watch that scene and think, 'Oh! I should have stood up straighter or snapped my head faster.' It's very dignified, and I'm used to modern dancing—more loosey-goosey." Arnold didn't have that problem, of course, so how does Carrere rate his tango? "He's great, much better than I am," she says. "He wears the tango well, with his posture and everything. And he's certainly strong enough to dip a woman."

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