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Warren Beatty, 57, and Annette Bening, 36, welcomed their second child, a boy, whose name has not been released, on Aug. 23 in Los Angeles. His sister Kathlyn is now 2. Their parents will be appearing together in Love Affair, a remake of An Affair to Remember (1957), in October.

Kevin Elders, 28, son of U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, was sentenced by a Circuit Court judge in Little Rock on Aug. 29 to 10 years in prison for selling an eighth of an ounce of cocaine to a police informant on July 29, 1993. Elders, who had claimed entrapment, has acknowledged having a decade-long drug problem. His attorneys say they will appeal the sentence....

On Aug. 26 a London court fined former L.A. Law star Amanda Donohoe, 32, $862 for drunk driving. Donohoe had failed a Breathalyzer test after police pulled her over on the night of July 29 for driving without her headlights on. The actress, who pleaded guilty, said she had made "a serious error of judgment."...

Actress Faye Dunaway, 53, filed suit Aug. 25 against composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, 46, over her dismissal from the starring role in the Los Angeles production of his musical Sunset Boulevard. Dunaway was hired in May by Lloyd Webber to replace Glenn Close in the lead, but in a June 22 statement the composer said that Dunaway wasn't up to the role and that he intended to close the L.A. run immediately. (Close opens on Broadway in November.) Dunaway, who is seeking more than $6 million, is charging Lloyd Webber with defamation, fraud and breach of contract....

Bob Dylan, 53, is suing Apple Computer to stop the company from using his name on its software. The musician filed suit Aug. 24 in federal court in Los Angeles, charging that Apple is packaging a computer programming tool like a CD and calling it Dylan. The musician is asking for unspecified damages.

Rebellious pop musician-singer Sinéad O'Connor, 27, recently revealed that she is undergoing treatment at the Priory, a London psychiatric hospital. O'Connor, who says she was physically abused by her mother as a child, now admits that she tried to kill herself last September with sleeping pills and vodka....

On Aug. 27, while giving a four-minute commencement address at Georgia State University in Atlanta, broadcasting mogul Ted Turner, 55, revealed that immediately afterward he would be heading into surgery to have a cancerous spot removed from his lip. Turner, who is expected to make a full recovery, had delayed the surgery for four days so he could speak at the graduation of his youngest child, Jennie.

Golfer Bert Yancey, 56, died of a heart attack Aug. 26 while practicing for the Senior PGA Franklin Quest Championship in Park City, Utah. Yancey, who joined the PGA Tour full-time in 1961 and won seven tournaments, was known for well-placed precise drives and fairway shots. He left the tour in 1976, after a series of bizarre incidents, including one in 1974 when he arrived in Japan for a series of golf exhibitions and proclaimed himself a messiah who would rid Japan of communism. He was later found to be suffering from manic-depressive illness. The medication he took caused his hands to shake, making it difficult for him to play golf effectively. In 1984 he switched medications and by 1988 was able to join the Senior Tour.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Tony Curtis, 69, and his fourth wife, Lisa Deutsch Curtis, 32, are ending their 17-month marriage. Curtis had six grown children from his earlier marriages, one of whom, Nicholas, died this year at the age of 23.

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