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updated 09/19/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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Daryl Hannah hasn't exactly been sitting home by herself since she and John F. Kennedy Jr. broke up several weeks ago. First, she was seen having dinner with old flame Jackson Browne in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Now, a source of ours says he recently spotted the 33-year-old actress on the beach in Malibu—in the company of a "tall, handsome man in his mid-30s." And it was definitely a romantic rendezvous. The source says Hannah and the unidentified man "were all over each other."

Predictably, Hannah's rep declined to discuss any aspect of his client's personal life.


Woody Allen is furious that former companion Mia Farrow seems to have renamed their children. Though she has taken no legal steps, the actress has been addressing their 6-year-old son Satchel by the name Seamus for the past several months, and for more than a year she has referred to Dylan, the adopted 8-year-old daughter whom Farrow accused Allen of molesting in 1992, as Eliza.

According to his publicist, Allen, who no longer has contact with Dylan, continues to call his son Satchel and criticizes Farrow for the name changes, which, the rep claims, "doctors advised her not to do." Farrow's publicist, John Springer, says Farrow changed the names of her two children simply "because she wanted to." Asked whether Farrow did this against the advice of doctors, Springer says, "Maybe that's what the doctors said. But I never heard about it."


Fourteen-year-old Macaulay Culkin may have had a growth spurt during the three-month filming of the upcoming live-action version of the comic Richie Rich, but fans aren't going to be able to tell.

A source close to the movie, which opens nationwide on Dec. 9, promises that Culkin "will not look any different to the moviegoer from one frame to the next," because producers took precautions to be sure that his costumes fit him exactly the same throughout the shoot. "We had extra fabric on hand," says a representative for Ike Behar, the company responsible for designing Culkin's shirts. And they certainly used it: By the time the film wrapped last month, Culkin's arms had grown three-quarters of an inch.

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