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updated 09/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT


A recent Chicago magazine profile of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton suggests she had a crush on a boy named Don Wasley when she was growing up in suburban Park Ridge, Ill. In the article, longtime Hillary friend and former schoolmate Betsy Ebeling says Hillary was taken with Wasley, "the cutest boy in the eighth grade," but that he moved away before high school. Hillary and Ebeling didn't stay in touch with Wasley, but evidently they haven't forgotten him. Ebeling says that during the 1992 presidential campaign, she joked about wearing a T-shirt that asked, "Where's Don Wasley?"

We happen to know that Wasley is alive and well and living in Los Angeles. The 46-year-old divorced shoe-business executive, who is the father of two, tells us that when he heard that his name was mentioned in the article, he was "stunned." Wasley says that he remembers Hillary as "driven and mature for her age." Though they weren't sweethearts, he and Hillary were "part of the same clique." Wasley recently wrote the First Lady a letter, saying he hoped that "someday we will be able to renew our friendship."

In an eleventh-hour editing decision, Burt Reynolds says he "chopped off' the last six chapters from his autobiography, My Life, due out from Hyperion on Oct. 6. The excised portion of the book, Reynolds says, concentrated on his breakup with Loni Anderson, the ensuing custody battle over their 6-year-old son, Quinton, and the financial settlement of the couple's divorce. Reynolds says, though, that he did include everything up to the breakup, including his earlier relationships with Judy Carne, Dinah Shore and Sally Field. He jokingly says he didn't need six chapters about Anderson—all that was necessary was "to write Loni's name and follow it with a dollar sign."

When Dudley Moore married Nicole Rothschild in April, we reported that rather than share one home, the couple would keep two beachfront homes near each other in L.A.—one for them and the other for Rothschild and her two young children. At the time, Rothschild, 30, reasoned to a source that "Dudley really doesn't want the kids around anyway, so I'll just walk down the street to see him." Now our source has learned that Rothschild's former husband and the father of her two children, Motown musician Charles Cleveland, is also living in that second home. Asked to elaborate on this unusual domestic setup, Moore, 59, said only that his "living arrangements are private."

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