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updated 11/14/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/14/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST


No doubt John McEnroe has had a lot of dates since his 1992 breakup with Tatum O'Neal. But now we hear the 35-year-old tennis great has a serious girlfriend. She's singer Patty Smyth, 36, whose rendition of "Look What Love Has Done" will be the theme song of the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger-Danny DeVito comedy, Junior.

A source close to the couple tells us that the McEnroe-Smyth relationship has been "going hot and heavy" since the beginning of October. In fact the two are almost always together, dividing their time between his apartment in New York City, his house in Malibu and her place in nearby Topanga Canyon. They are even blending their families. When McEnroe has custody of his children, Kevin, 8, Sean, 7, and Emily, 3, Smyth brings along Ruby, her 8-year-old daughter.


David Geffen is known for spending much of each day on the phone making deals. But since he formed an as-yet-unnamed movie studio with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Geffen's phone habit has gotten dangerous. Recently he came into Spielberg's office with a brace on his neck and an arm in a sling, the result of "constantly talking on the phone." We hear that Geffen now uses a headset instead of a conventional phone.

Meanwhile, in an interview on the Nov. 11 edition of ABC's 20/20, Barbara Walters asks Geffen about his past romances with Cher and Mario Thomas. "David," says Walters, "you've never hidden the fact that you're gay.... How could you have been in love with these women when you really prefer men?" Responds Geffen: "Cher and Marlo knew everything there was to know about me. I've never kept it a secret. After Marlo and I broke up, I thought I really had to pursue seeing who I was as a gay man, and I have done so."


Most of the world learned that Kevin and Cindy Costner were divorcing after 16 years of marriage from a joint statement the couple released on Oct. 21. But the Costners' three children, Annie, 10, Lily, 8, and Joe, 6, were told the news by their parents in person and in private 13 days earlier.

According to sources, Costner was in Hawaii shooting the futuristic action film Waterworld, but he and his wife both wanted to be present when the news of the divorce was broken to the kids. So the couple waited until Costner returned to Los Angeles for the press junket for his latest drama, The War, to make the announcement.

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