A Fine Romance '94

updated 12/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST

Rebecca Broussard & Jack Nicholson
In the course of one summer, Nicholson, 57, played both were-wolf and puppy dog. The wild role was in the movie Wolf, the domesticated one was in life. The roving-eyed star patched things up with longtime girlfriend Broussard, 31, after a falling-out period that stretched out almost two years and included a dalliance with a 20-year-old, which reportedly produced a baby girl in August. But there were Jack and Rebecca, strolling happily along on the Riviera, and he admitted he was considering an even bigger step. "I could marry Rebecca," said Nicholson, who has two children with Broussard, "if she really thought it was important." That's what grammarians would call the conditional, but at least it's a start.

Lyle Lovett & Julia Roberts
Now in their second year of marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Inscrutable were still madly in love—or on the brink of divorce. Bad sign: Roberts, 27, was spotted dancing with Ethan Hawke, and one tab photographed Lovett, 37, outside a hotel room with singer Kelly Willis. Good sign: Both had roles in Robert Altman's Ready to Wear. Bad: Their schedules kept them as much apart as together. Good: Lyle told an uncle, "We're still on our same honeymoon." Bad: Julia was seen without a ring. Good: She signed a check "Julia Lovett." Bad: He didn't call himself "Lyle Roberts." Maybe that's good?

J. Howard Marshall II & Anna Nicole Smith
For the benefit of the mathematically curious, the Houston oilman, 89, was 3.42 times as old as the former Guess jeans model and sometime actress (Naked Gun 33 1/3) when they married last June. That's not much more than pi. Of course, determining the circumference of a circle has nothing to do with the voluptuous then-26-year-old's decision to marry a man believed to be worth half a billion dollars. On the other hand, she has been insistent that that had nothing to do with it either. "I didn't marry my husband for his money," said Smith, who met him in 1990, when she was working in a fast-food joint. "I love him so much." It's his third marriage, her second. That's a nice ratio—3:2.

LaToya Jackson & Jack Gordon
Ah, LaToya, at 38, you enchant and educate lovers everywhere with your decent, demure heart. For instance, consider that you spent not one but two mornings on Howard Stern's radio show, of all forums, explaining that you were ending your five-year marriage to your manager, Jack Gordon, 56. (The obliging Stern promptly got a divorce lawyer on the line.) You've also said,' I have always wanted a divorce," and informed us that the marriage had never been consummated. And that Gordon will continue as your manager. Thank you, LaToya.

Tom Arnold & Julie Champnella
Roseanne & Ben Thomas
It had never exactly been the sweet, cozy union of two church mice—so when Tom and Roseanne's 3½-year marriage went bust in July, it went really bust, with Roseanne initially accusing him of physical abuse and Tom demanding $100,000 a month in alimony. "I'm not upset," a rancorous Roseanne cracked at the MTV Awards last fall. "I'm only upset that I'm not a widow." But even as the headlines were blaring, both stars were taking their oversize hearts elsewhere, safely outside the confines of show business: Roseanne, 42, to her hefty 28-year-old bodyguard-chauffeur, and Tom, 35, to a 21-year-old Michigan college junior who happened to be in L.A. visiting her brother. By the end of the year, the divorce was finalized—and wedding dates settled: Valentine's Day '95 for Roseanne and Ben, July 22 for Tom and Julie. "I feel very blessed that Julie came into my life," confessed a relieved Tom. Confided Roseanne: "I love Ben because he talks like a cop." Better still, she announced that they—she and Ben, that is—are expecting a baby next summer.

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall
"Someday, baby, we got to meet," Jagger, 51, snarled on "Love Is Strong" from the latest Rolling Stones album, Voodoo Lounge. Judging from a fax he received in New Orleans, where the band was on tour, he was expecting to meet someone in Las Vegas, the next stop. "See you at the MGM Grand" read the note signed "Carla." That suggested model Carla Bruni, 26, an old flame who temporarily disrupted Jagger's marriage to Jerry Hall two years ago. Hall, 38, reportedly intercepted the fax, hit the ceiling and flew off to New York City. But Bruni denied sending any such note. "There are lots of Carlas in the world," she said.

Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson
It took three weeks for the King's daughter, 26, to confirm that wild rumor last July: she had gone to the Dominican Republic and wed the 36-year-old Jacko. "I am very much in love," she said, as the world arched a collective brow. Could it be that Lisa Marie, a devoted follower of the Church of Scientology, planned to enroll Michael in the sect? Did he think a marriage would make his public forget the allegations about sleeping with boys? Within months there were new rumors of a bust-up of the union that combined their fortunes, each estimated at $150 million. But Lisa Marie simply reiterated: "Michael and I are very happily married."

Richard Gere & Cindy Crawford
Last April, when the European press was full of speculation that their marriage was a sham—a faltering sham, even—and that their true interests were not heterosexual, Gere, 45, and Crawford, 28, spent $30,000 to take out an ad in the London Times. "We are heterosexual and monogamous," they proclaimed, "and take our commitment to each other very seriously." With a simpler statement at year's end—after Gere was spotted with British model Laura Bailey, 22—the couple revealed that they'd separated in July.

Janice Dickinson & Sylvester Stallone
On March 11, in a spectacularly lazy kiss-off, Stallone, 48, dumped longtime girlfriend Jennifer Flavin, 25, via a Federal Express-delivered letter. This, it seemed, would free him to take up with another model, the 37-year-old Dickinson, who had just given birth to a daughter—not Sly's, according to DNA tests. On the heels of that medical report, he and Dickinson broke up—even as she claimed to be pregnant by him again. She miscarried. Stallone briefly took comfort in another model (Andrea Wieser, 22) and denied allegations by Richard Gere that he was romancing Gere's wife, Cindy Crawford. Sly, said Gere, was "a lowlife." But in high gear.

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